Thursday 15th June 2023

Tally Workspace's Integration With The Office Group (TOG)
Laura Beales 1 minute read

Tog United House coworking space
We’re very excited to announce the launch of our brand new integration with The Office Group (TOG). This means that Tally Market users can now access live availability for meeting rooms across all of TOG’s 41 venues on Tally Market. So there’s no more waiting around to see if the meeting room you need for that important presentation is available.

Coworking desks at TOG on Tally Market

As longstanding partners of TOG, Tally Market is super excited for our customers to benefit from instant bookings. The Office Group has quickly become one of the leading providers of flexible workspace across the UK, with brilliant venues in London, Bristol, and Leeds. They’ve built a reputation for consistently delivering high-quality workspaces, with a focus on great design and delightful experiences.
Coworking area at TOG on Tally Market
Tally Market Co-Founder, Jules Robertson, said, ‘Here at Tally Market, we’re continually striving to improve the booking experience so that our users always feel confident that they’re making the right workspace decisions. This integration is just another step toward making the process of sourcing great workspaces even more seamless.’ 
Breakout space at TOG on Tally Market

Take advantage of this new integration by checking out some of our favourite venues:

TOG 24/25 The Shard 
Book a meeting room at TOG 24/25 The Shard in London Bridge here.

TOG East Side
Book a meeting room at TOG East Side in King's Cross here.

TOG One Canada Square
Book a meeting room at TOG One Cana Square in Canary Wharf here.

TOG United House
Book a meeting room at TOG United House in Notting Hill Gate here.

TOG Brock House

Book a meeting room at TOG Brock House in Oxford Circus here.

Written by Laura Beales

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