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FORA Scott House coworking space

FORA Scott House

London Waterloo London Waterloo

0.0 miles away from

Meeting room

Meeting rooms from £264.50/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 20 people

Office Space In Town (OSIT) Waterloo coworking space

Office Space In Town (OSIT) Waterloo

Southwark Underground Station Southwark Underground Station

0.3 miles away from

Meeting room

Meeting rooms from £287.50/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 30 people

The Chandlery coworking space

The Chandlery

Lambeth North Underground Station Lambeth North Underground Station

0.4 miles away from

Meeting room

Meeting rooms from £207.00/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 12 people

Blackfriars Foundry coworking space

Blackfriars Foundry

Southwark Underground Station Southwark Underground Station

0.4 miles away from

Meeting room

Meeting rooms from £207.00/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 16 people

Huckletree Westminster coworking space

Huckletree Westminster

Embankment Underground Station Embankment Underground Station

0.5 miles away from

Meeting room

Meeting rooms from £166.75/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 10 people

Knowlemore Embassy Tea House coworking space

Knowlemore Embassy Tea House

Southwark Underground Station Southwark Underground Station

0.5 miles away from

Meeting room

Meeting rooms from £368.00/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 10 people

The New Yorker Gallery coworking space

The New Yorker Gallery

Southwark Underground Station Southwark Underground Station

0.6 miles away from

Event space

Event spaces from £2472.50/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 80 people

Argyll Hudson House coworking space

Argyll Hudson House

Covent Garden Underground Station Covent Garden Underground Station

0.7 miles away from

Meeting room

Meeting rooms from £241.50/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 8 people

The Ministry coworking space

The Ministry

Borough Underground Station Borough Underground Station

0.7 miles away from

Desk Meeting room Event space

Desks from £46.00/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 200 people

Boutique Workplaces Henrietta Street coworking space

Boutique Workplaces Henrietta Street

Covent Garden Underground Station Covent Garden Underground Station

0.7 miles away from

Meeting room

Meeting rooms from £189.75/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 10 people

Office Space In Town (OSIT) Blackfriars coworking space

Office Space In Town (OSIT) Blackfriars

London Blackfriars Rail Station London Blackfriars Rail Station

0.7 miles away from

Meeting room

Meeting rooms from £287.50/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 40 people

Thanet House coworking space

Thanet House

Temple Temple

0.7 miles away from

Meeting room

Meeting rooms from £184.00/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 16 people

If you're looking for a dynamic coworking space in Waterloo, London, you're in luck! This bustling area is home to various flexible workspaces tailored to meet the needs of freelancers, startups, and established businesses alike, perfect to find your new favourite coworking space in Waterloo. And the best thing is - you can find every type of coworking space in Waterloo on the Tally Workspace platform. From Huckletree's coworking solution that allows you to book workspace by the day and conference rooms by the hour, to The Office Group's unique and collaborative coworking space options, there's something for everyone in Waterloo.

One of the key features of these coworking spaces is the vast availability of hot desks and dedicated desks in the area. Hot desking is perfect for those who prefer a change of scenery every now and then, while dedicated desks provide a consistent workspace for those who need it. Waterloo is one of the most well-connected areas in London, making it an ideal option for both local and commuting professionals.

Most of the coworking space solutions in Waterloo come equipped with high-speed wifi, ensuring you can stay connected and productive throughout your workday. Other amenities even include 24-hour access, kitchen facilities, and meeting room access, catering to a wide range of professional needs. So whether you're a night owl or an early bird, prefer brewing your own coffee or grabbing a cup from the local café, there’s a coworking space in Waterloo that’s just right for you.

How much does it cost to book a coworking space in Waterloo?

The cost of a coworking space in Waterloo varies depending on the type of workspace you're looking for. Each coworking space offers a range of flexible, on-demand options that cater to different needs. These can be booked on a pay-as-you-go basis, making them an ideal solution for freelancers, start-ups, and businesses looking for short-term space or a change of scenery.

If you're seeking a hot desk, where you can simply plug in your laptop and get down to business, you can expect to pay around £35 per day. This option is perfect for those who enjoy a dynamic environment and don't require a fixed spot. On the other hand, if you're planning a meeting or workshop, a fully equipped meeting room that can accommodate up to 10 people can be yours for the day at approximately £150. This often includes amenities like projectors, whiteboards, and high-speed Wi-Fi.

For those who prefer a more private setting, a private office for the day accommodating 10 people comes in at around £145. This gives you the benefit of a dedicated coworking space without the long-term commitment of a traditional lease. Whether you're brainstorming with your team, hosting clients, or just need a quiet space to focus, this could be the ideal solution. In conclusion, each coworking space in Waterloo offers a variety of spaces to suit different workstyles and budgets, all available on Tally Workspace with the flexibility of pay-as-you-go pricing.

Why is Waterloo a good place to work?

Waterloo, London is a fantastic place to settle down and get some work done. One of the main reasons is its strategic location making it perfect to reach every coworking space in Waterloo. Situated right by the river, it's just a stone's throw away from iconic London landmarks like Trafalgar Square. It’s also incredibly well-connected, with major train and tube stations nearby, making it easy to get to wherever you need to be. The area itself has a vibrant energy that's hard to resist, teeming with life and activity, yet it manages to maintain a sense of calm that's perfect for focusing on your tasks.

The coworking space scene in Waterloo extends beyond shared office space, with options for office space on-demand. This flexibility allows professionals to adapt to the changing needs of their work schedules. Most of the shared office spaces in Waterloo not only provide hot desks but also offer the possibility of having your own dedicated desk. This ensures that whether you need a shared office space by the day or a more permanent workspace, you can find the perfect fit in the Waterloo coworking space scenery.

In addition to shared office spaces, many coworking spaces in Waterloo offer the option of your own dedicated desk. This feature is perfect for those who prefer a consistent workspace and the ability to leave belongings overnight. If flexibility is key for you, many of these coworking spaces also offer shared offices bookable by the day. With such a diverse range of options available across Waterloo, professionals can easily find a space that meets their specific needs and preferences. From hot desks to dedicated desks, and from shared offices to private offices, the coworking spaces in Waterloo provide a dynamic and adaptable work environment. 

Beyond work, Waterloo has so much more to offer. The area is rich in culture and entertainment, boasting world-class theatres and other attractions. When you need a break, there are plenty of things to do and see. You can explore the local arts scene, indulge in the diverse food offerings, or simply take a leisurely walk along the South Bank. And let's not forget about the community; Waterloo is known for being one of the most dynamic and cosmopolitan areas of London, so you’ll never feel out of place. All these factors combined make Waterloo a great place to work from.

Tally Workspace’s favourite coworking spaces in Waterloo

When it comes to the most loved coworking space in Waterloo, London, our team at Tally Workspace each has our favourites that stand out for their unique blend of convenience, creativity, and community. These spaces provide a thriving network for collaboration and innovation. Let's dive into our top picks for coworking spaces in the vibrant and well-connected locale of Waterloo, London.
  1. Office Space In Town Waterloo - This is a truly unique workspace, with meeting rooms designed like scenes from Alice in Wonderland, offering an exciting and imaginative environment for your work.
  2. TOG Scott House - The Office Group (TOG) is known for its cool, contemporary and absolutely stunning meeting rooms, as well as a lively community and collaboration.
  3. The Ministry - This is not just a coworking space but a private members' club for the creative industries, offering bespoke workspaces, a cinema, a sound studio, an immersive technology suite, an onsite cafe, a bar, and even a fitness wellness space
  4. Hotel Elephant Workspace - A hub for creatives, this space offers affordable desk space and studios for freelancers, startups and micro businesses in the creative and social enterprise sectors.
  5. Knowlemore Embassy Tea House - this venue offers six high-quality, super bright meeting rooms sprawled over six floors. Your team will also get access to unlimited hot drinks for the day.

Transport links

Waterloo, London, is a key transport hub that offers excellent links to the rest of the city and beyond. According to Transport for London, Waterloo Station is not only one of the city's most well-connected stations, but it also links the capital with several major towns and cities across the south and southwest via National Rail services. Whether you're heading to Bournemouth, Guildford, Portsmouth, or just hopping on a bus to another part of London, Waterloo makes it incredibly easy.

The station itself is an architectural delight, featuring high ceilings and a glass structure that adds to its grandeur. Besides its aesthetic appeal, it is also Britain's largest and busiest station, equipped with a range of facilities, shops, and parking options. This makes it more than just a station - it's a place where you can shop, eat, and even catch a quick coffee before your commute.

Despite its size and the volume of passengers it handles, navigation is made easy with excellent signage and information systems. Locals rely heavily on the public transport services available here for their travel needs. Even if you're commuting to other major stations like Kings Cross or St Pancras, while there may not be a direct Underground link from Waterloo, there are several convenient options available. So, whether you're a local or a visitor, getting around from Waterloo is a breeze!

Waterloo area overview

Waterloo, London is a bustling district that is centrally located and part of the London Borough of Lambeth. Known for its major train terminus, the London Waterloo Train Station which was opened in 1848, it's an area that is not just steeped in history, but also brimming with modern developments. The region is constantly evolving with new apartment blocks, offices, and retail developments frequently coming up.

When it comes to dining and socialising, Waterloo doesn't disappoint. For coffee lovers, 'Benugo' serves up artisan brews in a cosy setting. If you're looking for a place to grab a bite, there are plenty of choices. 'Cubana' offers delicious Cuban street food, while 'Mar I Terra' is a hidden gem serving authentic Spanish cuisine. For those who fancy a pint, 'The Kings Arms' is a traditional pub with a great selection of beers and ales. And if cocktails are more your style, 'Bar Elba' rooftop bar provides stunning views alongside their drinks.

Tourists and locals alike appreciate the richness of landmarks and attractions in Waterloo. The area is home to two world-class theatres, including The Old Vic where Kevin Spacey served as Artistic Director. The South Bank is a cultural hub with the National Theatre, Hayward Gallery, and the iconic London Eye. Whether you're a culture vulture, a foodie, or simply someone looking for a vibrant place to live or work, Waterloo has something for everyone.

Team building activities in Waterloo

Waterloo, London, is a brilliant location for team building activities. With its unique blend of history, culture, and modern amenities, it offers a wide range of activities that can bring teams closer together while having fun.

One of the most popular choices amongst the Tally Workspace team for team building in South London is The Golf Groove. Here, teams can step into virtual bays and enjoy golf games, allowing them to bond over friendly competition. This activity not only helps improve communication but also encourages cooperation as team members strategize and work together to win.

Another exciting option is the Theatreworks at National Theatre in South Bank. This unique team-building experience involves drama-based workshops that can help enhance team dynamics. It's an excellent opportunity for team members to step out of their comfort zones, learn more about their colleagues, and foster a more cohesive team.

For teams looking for a more adventurous experience, Waterloo offers corporate treasure hunts. These immersive events can be customised to suit any team size and objectives. Teams will have to work together to solve clues, navigate their way around the city, and ultimately find the treasure. It's a fantastic way to build teamwork, problem-solving skills, and communication.

Finally, if your team prefers something more relaxed and creative, there are post-work activities near Waterloo like cocktail-making experience in All Bar One. This activity combines creativity, communication, and collaboration as teams work together to create their unique cocktails.

So whether your team is into sports, adventure, drama, or culinary activities, you'll surely find a suitable team-building activity in Waterloo, London.

Where else can I rent coworking spaces in London?

Looking for coworking spaces beyond Waterloo, London? You're in luck! London is a dynamic city brimming with a variety of coworking spaces designed to suit different needs and preferences. From the vibrant creative hubs in Shoreditch to the sleek, professional settings in Canary Wharf, there's something for everyone. One platform that covers all these areas is Tally Workspace. We've curated a comprehensive list of coworking spaces across London, ensuring you can find the perfect working environment, no matter which part of the city you're in. And if you find there isn't a venue near you, don't worry - just let us know and we'll go the extra mile to add it to our platform.

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