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The Racquets Court coworking space

The Racquets Court

Haymarket (Tyne and Wear Metro Station) Haymarket (Tyne and Wear Metro Station)

0.3 miles away from

Desk Meeting room

Desks from £34.50/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 12 people

Wizu Workspace Portland House coworking space

Wizu Workspace Portland House

Monument (Tyne and Wear Metro Station) Monument (Tyne and Wear Metro Station)

0.4 miles away from

Meeting room

Meeting rooms from £184.00/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 12 people

Citibase Newcastle Dean Street coworking space

Citibase Newcastle Dean Street

Central Station (Tyne and Wear Metro Station) Central Station (Tyne and Wear Metro ...

0.7 miles away from

Desk Meeting room

Desks from £28.75/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 10 people

Clavering House Limited coworking space

Clavering House Limited

Central Station (Tyne and Wear Metro Station) Central Station (Tyne and Wear Metro ...

0.7 miles away from

Meeting room

Meeting rooms from £138.00/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 30 people

Orega Newcastle coworking space

Orega Newcastle

Newcastle Rail Station Newcastle Rail Station

0.8 miles away from

Meeting room

Meeting rooms from £322.00/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 12 people

Citibase Newcastle Q16 coworking space

Citibase Newcastle Q16

Four Lane Ends (Tyne and Wear Metro Station) Four Lane Ends (Tyne and Wear Metro S...

3.3 miles away from

Desk Meeting room

Desks from £17.25/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 18 people

Coworking in Newcastle

Coworking in Newcastle has become increasingly popular, providing businesses and individuals with flexible, affordable, and collaborative working environments. These shared workspaces in Newcastle are designed to meet the needs of modern professionals, offering a blend of private offices, open desks, meeting rooms, and lounge areas. The coworking culture fosters a sense of community, encouraging networking and collaboration among diverse industries and professions. 

No matter your needs, there are plenty of coworking spaces in Newcastle that can fit the bill. From modern workspaces to vintage-inspired environments, these shared workspaces offer a variety of amenities and resources to make workdays more productive. A space like this is also ideal for hosting events or workshops, allowing businesses to connect with their local community in creative ways. 

Why is Newcastle a good place to work?

Newcastle presents an excellent work environment due to its dynamic business landscape and rich cultural heritage. It hosts a diverse mix of industries, including digital technology, creative arts, and science, creating a vibrant ecosystem that stimulates innovation and collaboration. The city is also home to prestigious universities and research institutions, fostering an environment of continuous learning and development. Newcastle's efficient transport system, affordable housing, and the abundance of green spaces make it an ideal city for work-life balance. Moreover, the city's thriving cultural scene, with numerous restaurants, bars, theatres, and galleries, provides ample opportunities for relaxation and entertainment after a productive day at your Newcastle coworking space.

TOP 3 Coworking venues in Newcastle

1) Clavering House
Clavering House in Newcastle stands out as a premier coworking space, offering a unique blend of modern facilities and a historical setting. Situated within a beautifully restored Georgian building, Clavering House provides a selection of meeting rooms and private office spaces, catering to the different needs of freelancers, start-ups, and established businesses. It also offers well-equipped meeting rooms for those essential brainstorm sessions, client meetings, or workshops. The training room is their biggest meeting room which can accommodate up to 30 people and boasts quality audio visual equipment. The venue is conveniently located in the heart of Newcastle, making it easily accessible by various modes of transport. With its excellent facilities, dynamic community, and central location, Clavering House is certainly a top choice for coworking in Newcastle.

2) Citibase Newcastle Q16
Citibase Newcastle Q16 emerges as another fantastic coworking destination in Newcastle, known for its comprehensive services and great accessibility. Offering a range of flexible workspace solutions, from hot desks in communal areas to private offices, Citibase caters to businesses of any size. If you're looking for a space for meetings or presentations, Citibase's state-of-the-art meeting rooms are available for booking and come fully equipped with modern technology. The space is characterized by its modern design, bright open spaces, and comfortable seating. The community at Citibase is vibrant and diverse, making it a hotbed for networking and collaboration. Its location in the Quorum Business Park adds to its charm, ensuring members can enjoy a host of nearby amenities, including shops, restaurants, and transport links. With its commitment to providing a productive work environment, Citibase Newcastle Q16 is a fantastic choice for coworking in Newcastle.

Citibase Newcastle Dean Street is another gem among Newcastle's coworking spaces, renowned for its central location and flexible workspace solutions. Situated in the vibrant heart of Newcastle, it's a stone's throw away from cultural landmarks, trendy cafes, and fantastic dining options, offering plenty of opportunities for after-work leisure activities. The space stands out for its stylish, contemporary interiors and comfortable furnishing, resulting in a conducive environment for productivity. Additionally, Citibase Newcastle Dean Street houses state-of-the-art meeting rooms, perfect for brainstorming sessions, client presentations, or team meetings. The dynamic community of professionals that this space attracts adds to the collaborative and innovative atmosphere. If you're seeking a coworking space that combines convenience, modern facilities, and a vibrant community, Citibase Newcastle Dean Street is an excellent option for coworking in Newcastle.

How much is a hot desk in Newcastle?

The cost of hot desks in Newcastle can vary considerably, depending on the specific coworking space and the amenities it provides. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from £15 to £30 per day for a hot desk in a Newcastle coworking space. This price typically includes access to a desk in a communal workspace, Wi-Fi, and often use of common areas and kitchen facilities. It may also cover certain other perks such as free coffee or tea, access to meeting rooms, and participation in networking events. 

How much is a meeting room in Newcastle?

Like hot desks, the cost of booking a meeting room in a Newcastle coworking space can vary, based on the size, facilities, location, and the duration for which it is booked. Rates generally start from around £15 per hour for a small, basic meeting room. For larger, more sophisticated rooms equipped with high-tech audiovisual equipment, the rates can go up to £30 per hour or more. These prices often include Wi-Fi, whiteboards, projectors, and sometimes refreshments. 

TOP 4 Bars for Afterwork Drinks in Newcastle

1) The Botanist: Located in the heart of Newcastle, The Botanist offers a unique mix of cocktails, craft beers and ales, Champagne and wine. The bar's intriguing cocktail menu and a vast array of drinks make it an ideal spot for unwinding after a day at your Newcastle coworking space.

2) Alvinos Bar: This bar is a mixologist’s dream with an extensive menu of cocktails. Alvinos also boasts a vast variety of beers and spirits. The relaxed atmosphere and funky decor make it perfect for after-work drinks.

3) Colonel Porter’s Tavern: This whimsical bar, located in the Dean Street area, is perfect for those looking for a touch of sophistication. They offer a wide array of spirits, cocktails and craft beers served in an intriguing environment rich with Newcastle history.

4) Tiger Hornsby: This stylish and contemporary bar located on Newcastle’s Quayside is known for its creative cocktails and lively atmosphere. It’s the perfect spot for a fun and relaxed afterwork gathering.

TOP 3 Lunch Spots in Newcastle

1) The Bridge Tavern: Nestled under the Tyne Bridge, this gastropub offers a fantastic selection of delicious British dishes, local ales, and beers. With its cozy atmosphere and hearty food, The Bridge Tavern is the perfect spot for a mid-day break from your coworking space.

2) Café 21 at Fenwick: Located within the Fenwick department store, this café serves a selection of sandwiches, light meals, and delicious desserts, perfect for a quick, stylish, and tasty lunch.

3) The French Oven: Situated in Grainger Market, The French Oven offers a wide variety of freshly baked goods and sandwiches. This bakery is ideal for those looking for a quick bite that does not compromise on quality or taste.

4) Dabbawal: Known for its exceptional Indian street food, Dabbawal is a vibrant restaurant offering a wide range of flavourful dishes. Whether you're looking for a quick, light lunch or a hearty meal, Dabbawal has you covered.

Coworking in Newcastle offers a diverse range of options for professionals seeking a flexible workspace. Spaces like Citibase Newcastle Q16 and Citibase Newcastle Dean Street provide modern and comfortable environments equipped with top-notch facilities. These coworking spaces are conveniently located near various amenities and boast vibrant, collaborative communities. Beyond the workspace, Newcastle offers an exciting array of bars and lunch spots for after-work relaxation and mid-day meals, enhancing the overall coworking experience in the city. Whether you're a freelancer, startup, or an established company, Newcastle's coworking scene caters to all, making it a vibrant hub for professionals.