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Our mission

Tally Workspace helps companies find the perfect offices, meeting rooms, and coworking spaces across 1,000s of offices and coworking spaces in the UK and beyond.

Our mission - is to create the most transparent marketplace for all types of workspaces from bespoke 100+ person offices to meeting rooms to hot desks. We are proud to have worked with amazing teams including Sifted, Heap, Ikea, Diageo, YuLife, and Websummit

Tally Workspace Story

We are changing the way teams work

Over two years ago, we realised that the way teams use workspace has changed but the way that workspace was provided hasn’t. So we built our platform to enable companies to easily search and compare the best full-time offices / HQs for teams and to enable their employees to find and book pay-as-you-go workspace across Europe.

Today, teams of all sizes whether they are remote, hybrid, or office based, are using Tally Workspace to find the perfect workspaces for their teams.

The Founders

Meet Laura and Jules

Our founders Laura and Jules created Tally Workspace because they were tired of the lack of flexibility in where they worked.

Laura was frustrated with commuting for two hours a day, only to spend the day distracted by a noisy office when she was trying to concentrate on an Excel spreadsheet. Whilst Jules was spending her days paying a small fortune to work in coffee shops.

They wanted to create a solution to offer themselves and their teams. Why couldn't they have access to co-working venues close to their homes, or a creative and collaborative space for team get-togethers? They were looking for a simple solution that was set up for teams that wouldn't create tons of admin.

They learned that lots of company owners and HR professionals were looking for the same thing. So, they decided to do something about it.

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Our incredible team of property experts will provide you with transparent and high-quality advice. We think out of the box to find the perfect office space solution to meet your team’s needs.

Whether you are looking for a new office for your team, or in need of a last-minute meeting room we can help you to find the workspace you need.

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