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Hatch Peckham  coworking space

Hatch Peckham

Peckham Rye Rail Station Peckham Rye Rail Station

1.4 miles away from

Desk Meeting room

Desks from £23.00/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 12 people

TYPE Sierra Quebec Bravo coworking space

TYPE Sierra Quebec Bravo

South Quay DLR Station South Quay DLR Station

1.7 miles away from

Desk Meeting room

Desks from £11.50/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 12 people

Work.Life Bermondsey coworking space

Work.Life Bermondsey

London Bridge Rail Station London Bridge Rail Station

1.8 miles away from

Desk Meeting room Private office

Desks from £51.75/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 10 people

Runway East London Bridge coworking space

Runway East London Bridge

London Bridge Rail Station London Bridge Rail Station

1.9 miles away from

Meeting room

Meeting rooms from £166.75/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 12 people

St Katharine Docks coworking space

St Katharine Docks

Tower Hill Underground Station Tower Hill Underground Station

1.9 miles away from

Meeting room

Meeting rooms from £189.75/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 20 people

Coworking in South East London

In the vibrant and ever-evolving landscape of South East London, coworking spaces have built a thriving presence. These shared workspaces offer a diverse range of facilities, fostering an environment that nurtures innovation, collaboration, and productivity. Whether you're a freelancer seeking a more structured setting, a start-up looking for an affordable office space, or a remote worker desiring a change of scenery, coworking in South East London offers flexible solutions. These spaces aren't simply about providing a desk and Wi-Fi, but creating a community that encourages networking and peer learning, often hosting workshops, seminars, and social events. South East London's coworking spaces are as diverse as the city itself, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every professional need.

Why is South East London a good area to work from ?

South East London boasts an eclectic mix of creative industries, a rich cultural history, and excellent transport links, making it an ideal area to work from. The region brims with innovative start-ups and tech companies, providing a dynamic business ecosystem supportive of growth and collaboration. The area's cultural diversity, mirrored in its numerous eateries, galleries, and music venues, offers unique networking and entertainment options for its working community. In addition , the outstanding public transport system ensures easy commutes, and its proximity to several green spaces offers an escape from the urban buzz. Working in South East London it certainly means being part of a vibrant, forward-thinking community that values work-life balance, creativity, and collaboration.

How much is a hot desk in South East London?

The cost for a hot desk in South East London can vary significantly depending on location, amenities, and the specific coworking space's pricing model. On average, you might expect to pay anywhere from £10 to £30 per day. It's important to note that the higher-end price typically includes access to premium amenities such as private meeting rooms, high-speed internet, and complimentary refreshments. It's always recommended to explore different coworking spaces in South East London to find one that suits your budget and business needs.

How much is a meeting room in South East London?

Meeting room costs in South East London's coworking spaces can vary, similarly to hot desk prices. Rates are typically determined by the room's size, location, facilities, and the duration of use. For a small meeting room accommodating around 6-8 people, prices can start as low as £25 per hour. More spacious, well-equipped rooms designed for larger groups or conferences could charge from £55 to £70 per hour. Always remember to inquire about what amenities are included in the price, such as AV equipment, Wi-Fi, and refreshments. Comparing rates and facilities across various coworking places can help you find a meeting room that aligns with your financial and operational requirements in South East London.

Best hot desk options in South East London:

Skylight Peckham, Badger Badger, The Workers League Blackheath, and My Office Club Lewisham are some of the best hot desk options in South East London.

  1. Skylight Peckham: An artistic, vibrant space perfect for freelancers, start-ups or remote workers. It offers affordable hot desks with excellent views of the city. With its friendly atmosphere and supportive community, it's an ideal space for creative collaboration.

  2. Badger Badger: Known for its contemporary design, Badger Badger provides a relaxed work environment with a variety of hot desk options. Perks include high-speed Wi-Fi, private meeting rooms, and complimentary refreshments.

  3. The Workers League, Blackheath: A premier coworking space in South East London, The Workers League offers a variety of membership options, including daily hot desking. The space boasts a professional ambiance, high-speed internet, and access to communal spaces and meeting rooms.

  4. My Office Club, Lewisham: My Office Club provides a range of hot desk options within a professional and modern coworking environment. Members enjoy a host of premium amenities, including high-speed Wi-Fi, private locker storage, and access to meeting rooms. 

Exploring these options can help you find a workspace that aligns with your professional needs and enhances your productivity in South East London.

Best meeting room options in South East London:

Skylight Peckham, Badger Badger, The Workers League Blackheath, and My Office Club Lewisham are among the top choices for hot desk options in South East London.

  1. Hatch Peckham: Offering a selection of meeting rooms in a creative, light-filled space, Hatch Peckham accommodates groups of varying sizes. The spaces are equipped with modern technology and comfortable furnishings, perfect for brainstorming sessions or formal meetings.

  2. Oru Space: Known for its minimalist design and focus on productivity, Oru Space offers meeting rooms that foster productivity and creativity. The venue has state-of-the-art technology, making it an ideal choice for digital presentations or video conferences.

  3. Landmark Greenwich: If you're looking for a more refined setting, Landmark Greenwich offers meeting rooms in a stunning historic building. The rooms are well-equipped to cater to diverse business needs and provide a sophisticated backdrop for important meetings.

  4. TOG One Canada Square: Located right in the heart of Canary Wharf, TOG One Canada Square provides an array of meeting rooms that cater to every need, from small team discussions to larger corporate events.

  5. Keyboard & Dreams Royal Docks: For those who want a unique, nautical-themed setting, Keyboard & Dreams Royal Docks offers meeting rooms on a refurbished ship. The space combines modern facilities with a creative ambiance, providing a memorable meeting experience. 

Team Building Activities in South East London:

South East London is not just about coworking spaces; it's also home to a host of team-building activities that can promote camaraderie, encourage collaboration, and enhance productivity. Here are the top 3 team-building activities in South East London:

  1. Thames Rocket Speed Boat Experience: For a unique team-building activity that combines adrenaline-pumping adventure with breathtaking views, consider booking the Thames Rocket Speed Boat Experience. The high-speed boat ride offers an exhilarating journey along the Thames, passing iconic London landmarks. It's an unforgettable experience that fosters team bonding and creates lasting memories.

  2. Escape Room at Modern Fables: Located in Bermondsey, Modern Fables offers immersive and thought-provoking escape rooms that require teams to work together to solve a series of puzzles. This interactive experience promotes problem-solving, encourages communication, and strengthens teamwork skills, all while providing plenty of fun and laughter.

  3. Ceramic Class at The Kiln Rooms: If you're looking for a more relaxed, creative team-building activity, The Kiln Rooms offers pottery classes that could be a great fit. With locations in Peckham and Stockwell, this ceramics studio provides group classes where team members can learn new skills, express their creativity, and create their own ceramic pieces. It's an excellent opportunity for team members to bond while exploring their artistic side.

Transportation in South East London:

South East London boasts a well-connected transportation network, making it easy to commute to and from coworking spaces. Its robust public transport system consists of buses, trams, overground trains, and the underground (Tube). Key Tube stations in the area include Bermondsey, Canada Water, and New Cross Gate, providing access to the Jubilee and East London lines. For overground train services, London Bridge, Waterloo East, and Victoria stations are major hubs. Numerous bus services cover the length and breadth of the area, providing affordable and convenient travel options. Additionally, there are several Santander Cycle docking stations around South East London, offering a greener and more active commute option. For those who prefer driving, the area is well-served by major roads and there are numerous public and private parking facilities available. Always remember to check TFL (Transport for London) for the latest travel updates and information.

In conclusion, South East London presents a diverse array of coworking spaces, meeting rooms, and team-building activities that cater to a variety of professional needs. Whether you're a freelancer looking for a hot desk, a team needing a creative meeting room, or a business seeking unique team-building experiences, South East London has something to offer. Coupled with its well-connected transportation network, it proves to be a hub of productivity and creativity, making it a prime choice for professionals and teams. Therefore, if you're considering coworking in South East London, you can be confident that this vibrant area will provide a conducive and dynamic environment for your work.

Other areas in London with coworking options:

In addition to the vibrant hub of coworking in South East London, there are several other areas in the city that are blossoming with collaborative workspaces. Here's a quick overview:

  1. Farringdon: A historic area known for its rich architectural heritage, Farringdon is rapidly establishing itself as a hotspot for coworking in London. Its strategic location, close proximity to the tech district of Old Street, and the presence of many media companies make it an ideal location for freelancers and startups.

  2. Soho: A district that's synonymous with entertainment and nightlife, Soho is also home to many creative agencies and small businesses. The coworking spaces here are known for their artistic ambiance and vibrant community. They offer a great base for networking and collaboration.

  3. Kings Cross: With the transformation of Kings Cross Station into a modern transport hub, the area has seen a surge in coworking spaces. Offering easy access to domestic and international travel, Kings Cross is a preferred location for businesses looking for coworking options with excellent connectivity.

  4. Waterloo: Located on the South Bank of the River Thames, Waterloo is known for its stunning views and thriving business community. The coworking spaces in this area offer a mix of hot desks and meeting room options, making it a desirable location for businesses of all sizes.