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Not only are they very knowledgable about the market, but they are lovely people to deal with. We are so happy with our final choice!

Daisy Meakin

COO, Finance Unlocked

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Offices to rent in Shoreditch

Shoreditch boasts an impressive array of office space, tailored to meet the needs of both budding startups and established businesses. 

Many businesses would find office space in Shoreditch to be a perfect fit. Tech startups, thanks to the area's reputation as the 'Silicon Roundabout', will find themselves in the epicentre of the UK's tech scene, surrounded by the offices of innovators and industry leaders.

Creative agencies with office space in Shoreditch can leverage the area's artistic flair and vibrancy that can stimulate creative thinking, whereas Financial and legal firms can benefit from being situated near London's financial district while enjoying Shoreditch's more relaxed and contemporary atmosphere.


Transport Links for your Shoreditch office

Shoreditch is well-connected, offering a range of transportation options that ensure your employees enjoy effortless access to your  office space.

Shoreditch High Street Overground Station

At the heart of Shoreditch lies Shoreditch High Street Overground Station, providing access to the London Overground network. The station serves as a hub that offers connections to destinations across East and South London.

Nearby Overground Stations

Shoreditch benefits from several neighbouring Overground stations, expanding commuting options across London:

  • Hoxton Overground Station: Situated nearby, Hoxton Overground Station offers access to destinations such as Dalston, Canonbury, and New Cross.

  • Dalston Junction Overground Station: Located north east of Shoreditch, Dalston Junction Overground Station provides connections to destinations including Stratford, Crystal Palace, and Clapham Junction.

Underground Tube Links near Shoreditch

Although Shoreditch does not have an underground tube station, it’s well-connected to nearby tube stations, providing access to various lines:

  • Liverpool Street Tube Station: Located within walking distance, Liverpool Street Tube Station offers access to the Central, Circle, Hammersmith & City, and Metropolitan lines.

  • Old Street Tube Station: Situated to the south-west of Shoreditch, Old Street Tube Station provides access to the Northern line, serving destinations such as Bank, Camden, and Morden.

Bus Routes

Shoreditch is served by several bus routes, further positioning Shoreditch as a highly accessible location for office space, regardless of where your employees are travelling from:

  • Number 8: Connects Shoreditch to destinations including Tottenham Court Road, Holborn, and Bow Church.

  • Number 26: Offers travel between Shoreditch and Waterloo, Hackney Wick, and Stamford Hill.

  • Number 149: Provides a route from Shoreditch to London Bridge, Edmonton, and Edmonton Green.

Explore the Latest Office Space in Shoreditch

Discover the latest office space to rent in Shoreditch, a hub of creativity and innovation in East London. Whether you are a startup searching for a creative office or an enterprise looking for a more traditional workspace, Tally Workspace can help you find office space in Shoreditch at no cost to you.

Private Offices in Shoreditch

Tally Workspace is one of the largest brokers of serviced office space in the UK. In Shoreditch, we provide comprehensive access to all available office options in one convenient location. By finding an office to let with Tally Workspace, you can rest assured the entire market is searched to find the very best solution for your needs. 

Serviced Offices in Shoreditch

Serviced offices in Shoreditch present businesses with the advantage of a trendy and thriving location, without the need to enter long-term contractual agreements. Serviced offices provide businesses with an all-inclusive office solution, in which utilities, bills and other admin costs are all accounted for in a singular monthly payment. For start-ups who need more time to focus on their projects, and less time on admin, serviced offices are a great solution that allows you to get to work from day one of your contract.

Serviced offices in Shoreditch cater to businesses of all sizes. Typically, these offices range from 2 desks to 60 desks, but this will vary based on the venue. Another benefit of renting a serviced office in Shoreditch is 24/7 access - meaning you can work when it suits you, and not be restricted to traditional working hours.

Private office spaces within Shoreditch's serviced office buildings are carefully curated and furnished with ergonomic chairs, stunning break-out spaces and modern amenities such as high-speed internet, Wi-Fi connectivity, and cafes, fostering a productive environment for your team.

Questions to Consider When Finding Office Space in Shoreditch

If you're looking for office space to rent in Shoreditch, first consider whether your business would be suited to a serviced office or a traditional leased office. Most of the businesses we work with, and essentially all startups, tend to opt for a serviced office on account of the flexibility they provide. However, if your business needs complete control over the office interior design and you would like a longer-term contract, a managed or leased office space would be the preferable option.

If you have decided a serviced office in Shoreditch is the right choice for you, great! However, as Shoreditch has a wide range of serviced offices available, it's important to consider the following factors to help you narrow down your options:

How many desks do you need in your serviced office?

A simple question but incredibly important. Too small and your team will struggle to be accommodated, too large and you'll be paying for unused office space. Consider your overall number of employees and how many people are expected to use the office each day. You should consider and factor in any short-term growth plans, but don't worry too much, as the serviced office provider can find you a larger office space later down the line if your team has grown.

Do you need access to meeting rooms in your office?

Most office spaces in Shoreditch offer communal meeting rooms, often reservable through a credit system. If you have a clear idea of how often you will need access to private meeting rooms, we can help determine whether you would get better value from a serviced office with its own meeting room or booking communal meeting rooms on an ad-hoc basis. This will be a key factor in finding the right serviced office space in Shoreditch. 

Do you require specific amenities for your office space?

It's important that your team are happy with the new office. If you want to rent office space that your team thoroughly enjoy attending, it's worth looping them into the early stages of the office search and asking them which amenities would help make the office space a positive and productive environment for your team - this could be barista-made coffee, access to alcoholic drinks on certain days, or perhaps access to a gym. Also, consider any specific technical capabilities that will make your employees' lives easier.

At Tally Workspace, you can tell us these requirements and we'll factor these into your office options.