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Finding the perfect office space can be time-consuming and confusing. Let us help you find the perfect office for your and your team.

Our team will prepare a curated shortlist of office options to suit your needs and culture.

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Not only are they very knowledgable about the market, but they are lovely people to deal with. We are so happy with our final choice!

Daisy Meakin

COO, Finance Unlocked

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Offices to rent in Edinburgh

Edinburgh has a large amount of office space available to rent, with options ranging from modern serviced offices to more traditional leased offices. The Scottish capital is recognised as the largest financial centre in the UK outside of London, making Edinburgh an attractive city to rent office space in for firms in finance, banking or accounting. Accordingly, companies such as Tesco Bank and the Bank of Scotland situating their offices in Edinburgh

However, it's not only financial institutions that can benefit from having office space in Edinburgh, there's also a thriving tech and start-up scene, making the Scottish capital a perfect choice for businesses of all industries and sizes.


Transport Links for your Edinburgh office

If you're looking to rent office space in Edinburgh, you're strategically choosing to locate your office in the heart of Scotland, with exceptional transport links for both employees and clients. 

Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station

Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station is Edinburgh's primary rail station, offering connections to numerous destinations in Scotland and the wider UK.

The station provides access to a wide range of train services, including ScotRail, LNER, and CrossCountry, facilitating seamless travel for your employees and clients.

Nearby Railway Stations

Edinburgh benefits from proximity to several nearby railway stations, further enhancing commuting options:
  • Haymarket Railway Station: Situated in the west of the city, Haymarket Railway Station offers connections to destinations such as Glasgow, Stirling, and Inverness.

  • Edinburgh Park Railway Station: Located to the west of the city centre, the station provides access to destinations including Glasgow, Falkirk, and Dunblane.

Tram Services

Edinburgh Trams offer another mode of transport within the city, connecting key locations such as Edinburgh Airport, known as Scotland's busiest airport, the city centre, and Leith.

These tram services provide your employees and clients with a convenient and environmentally friendly way to travel around Edinburgh.

Browse the Latest Office Space in Edinburgh

Browse our selection of office spaces to rent in Edinburgh. If you're looking for office space in the charming capital of Scotland, Tally Workspace can help you find an office to rent in Edinburgh, at no cost to you.

Serviced Office Space in Edinburgh

Serviced office space in Edinburgh presents businesses with the advantage of a prime location in the Edinburgh City Centre, without the need for long-term contractual agreements. With a serviced office, all of the utilities, bills and other costs associated with running a traditional office are covered in a singular monthly payment, meaning you can spend less time on admin and more time running your business and integrating into Edinburgh's thriving business landscape.

Serviced office space in Edinburgh offers businesses a plethora of membership options tailored to various work styles and team sizes, with office sizes typically ranging from 2 to 60 desks. Private offices within Edinburgh's serviced office buildings are designed and equipped with modern amenities such as high-speed internet, Wi-Fi connectivity, and adaptable breakout areas, fostering productivity and professionalism.

Additional benefits of renting serviced offices in Edinburgh include well-equipped meeting facilities, communal areas designed for collaboration and relaxation, and access to shared services like professional reception support. Additionally, serviced offices typically take great pride in hosting regular events for their community, whether this be professional networking or on a social basis, either way, the decision to host your business in a serviced office unlocks a wealth of professional and personal opportunities for your business and team.

How to Find your Ideal Serviced Office in Edinburgh

The first question to ask when looking to rent an office is which type of office space would work best for your team and business. If you don't require complete control over your office interior and fit-out and don't want to enter a longer-term contract, typically between 2-5 years, serviced offices are likely a better and more flexible choice for your business. 

Most of the companies we work with, and essentially all start-ups, tend to opt for serviced office space on account of the flexibility they provide.

If you have decided that a serviced office is the right choice for your team, great! Now, it's important to remember that Edinburgh, particularly in the city centre, has multiple providers to choose from, all offering a different vibe and atmosphere. 

Consider the following questions to help narrow down your office search:

How many desks do you require in your serviced office space?

It's important to consider your overall number of employees and how many are planning to use the office on any given day. It's recommended to account for short-term growth plans when looking for a serviced office, but if you hire additional employees throughout the length of your contract, the serviced office provider will typically be happy to help accommodate you in a larger office space within one of their buildings.

Will you require meeting room access in your office?

Serviced offices in Edinburgh offer meeting rooms, typically reserved via a credit system. Each month, you will be granted a certain number of credits and therefore a certain amount of time allowed to be spent in the meeting rooms. Typically, this is for meetings where you can't be interrupted. For more casual meetings, you can use communal breakout space to chat.

However, some private offices are designed with internal meeting rooms for the occupier. If you know how often you would require access to meeting rooms, we can help determine if you would get a better deal by having a serviced office space with a private meeting room, or by purchasing credits every month.

Which amenities would you like in your serviced office?

Ensuring your team loves the new office and wants to attend as much as possible is imperative to getting the most out of your new office space in Edinburgh. Therefore, consider which amenities and 'nice to haves' will make your team love the new office. This could be a certain location, proximity to railway stations, or perhaps barista-made coffee or outdoor space to work from within the serviced office. 

At Tally Workspace, you can let us know these requirements and we’ll factor these into your bespoke office shortlist.