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Bruntwood Cotton Exchange coworking space

Bruntwood Cotton Exchange

Moorfields Rail Station Moorfields Rail Station

0.1 miles away from

Meeting room

Meeting rooms from £69.00/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 8 people

Orega Liverpool coworking space

Orega Liverpool

Liverpool James Street Rail Station Liverpool James Street Rail Station

0.1 miles away from

Meeting room

Meeting rooms from £304.75/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 24 people

Bruntwood The Plaza coworking space

Bruntwood The Plaza

Moorfields Rail Station Moorfields Rail Station

0.2 miles away from

Meeting room

Meeting rooms from £97.75/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 12 people

Avenue HQ, Mann Island coworking space

Avenue HQ, Mann Island

Liverpool James Street Rail Station Liverpool James Street Rail Station

0.3 miles away from

Desk Meeting room

Desks from £23.00/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 30 people

Open Until 20:00
VWorks Wirral coworking space

VWorks Wirral

Port Sunlight Rail Station Port Sunlight Rail Station

4.0 miles away from

Desk Meeting room

Desks from £28.75/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 30 people

UBCUK Wirral coworking space

UBCUK Wirral

Bromborough Rake Rail Station Bromborough Rake Rail Station

4.9 miles away from

Desk Meeting room

Desks from £28.75/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 10 people

Coworking in Liverpool 

If you're looking for a co-working space in Liverpool, there are plenty of options to choose from. From traditional office spaces to trendy creative hubs, the city has something to suit every business need. Co-working spaces in Liverpool are revolutionising the way professionals and entrepreneurs work. They offer a vibrant, collaborative environment that promotes innovation and creativity, catering to freelancers, startups, and established businesses alike. These spaces are not only equipped with modern facilities and amenities but are also nestled in the heart of the city, surrounded by a wealth of culture and history, making them a perfect work destination.

Top 5 Coworking Venues in Liverpool 
Bruntwood The Plaza stands out among Liverpool's coworking spaces for its superior facilities that cater to a diverse range of professional needs. The workspace is replete with high-speed internet that ensures uninterrupted connectivity, a key requirement in today's digital world. The meeting rooms, spacious and equipped with the latest audio-visual technology, foster a professional ambience for brainstorming sessions, client meetings, or presentations. Additionally, the Plaza also provides amenities such as a fully serviced kitchen, private phone booths for confidential discussions, and locker facilities for safe storage. It's safe to say that at Bruntwood Plaza, coworking in Liverpool is a seamless and productive experience.

2) Avenue HQ Mann Island
Avenue HQ Mann Island is another key player in the coworking space in Liverpool. Situated at the waterfront, Avenue HQ offers inspiring views that kindle creativity and productivity. Its modern interiors and technology-driven facilities make it an ideal choice for professionals seeking a dynamic workplace. The coworking venue provides an array of dedicated desks, private offices, and flexible hot desks to cater to different working styles. Alongside, it offers high-speed internet, well-equipped meeting rooms, and a comfortable common area for those impromptu discussions or relaxation time. Avenue HQ also stands out for its emphasis on community, regularly hosting events that encourage networking and collaboration. Whether you're a freelancer, a small business owner, or part of a growing team, Avenue HQ Mann Island promises a rewarding coworking experience in Liverpool.

If you're seeking a collaborative and vibrant coworking space in Liverpool, Biz Hub is a venue you should certainly consider. Biz Hub offers a modern and flexible workspace that caters to a wide range of professionals, from freelancers to large corporate teams. The coworking space is outfitted with high-speed internet and features a variety of workspace options, including dedicated desks and private offices, ensuring it can accommodate diverse work styles and needs. Biz Hub also provides spacious meeting rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology, making it a perfect choice for client meetings or team brainstorming sessions. Moreover, it fosters a strong community atmosphere, frequently hosting networking events and providing ample opportunities for collaboration. As part of the thriving Liverpool coworking scene, Biz Hub offers a dynamic workspace sure to invigorate your working day.

Bruntwood Cotton Exchange takes coworking in Liverpool to a new level, combining a stunning historic building with modern, flexible workspace solutions. The Cotton Exchange, a landmark building in Liverpool, offers a unique working environment with a rich history. High-speed internet, spacious meeting rooms equipped with cutting-edge technology, and comfortable communal areas create a conducive environment for work, discussions, or a break from the routine. The Exchange also hosts a calendar of networking and social events that foster a sense of community, collaboration and mutual growth. With its central location, historical significance, and modern facilities, Bruntwood Cotton Exchange offers an unparalleled coworking experience in Liverpool.

UBCUK Wirral is a distinguished name amongst Liverpool's coworking spaces. Situated on the outskirts of Liverpool, UBCUK Wirral offers a serene, distraction-free environment for those seeking a balance between the hustle of the city and peace for focused work. The venue provides high-speed internet, ensuring seamless digital connectivity, a crucial element in the current professional landscape. It offers a range of workspace options, including dedicated desks, private offices, and flexible hot desks to accommodate varied professional requirements. Meeting rooms equipped with advanced technology are available for client meetings or brainstorming sessions. UBCUK Wirral also hosts regular networking events to foster a sense of community among its members. For professionals seeking a unique blend of tranquility and connectivity, UBCUK Wirral is an excellent choice for coworking in Liverpool.

Transport in Liverpool
Transport plays a vital role in Liverpool, ensuring easy accessibility to various coworking spaces scattered across the city. With an intricate network of public transit, getting around Liverpool is a breeze. The city's comprehensive bus system, managed by Merseytravel, is a reliable and cost-effective option for daily commutes, connecting the suburbs with the city centre. Additionally, Liverpool boasts an extensive rail network, with Liverpool Lime Street Station serving as a major hub, linking the city to other parts of the UK. For those who prefer to cycle, Liverpool offers numerous bike lanes and bike-sharing services. The city also provides ample parking spaces for those who drive. No matter where your chosen coworking space is located in Liverpool, you can rest assured knowing that it is well-connected and easily accessible.

Top 3 hot desks in Liverpool
Top 3 meeting rooms in Liverpool
1) The Plaza Room 6 at Bruntwood The Plaza
This meeting room can hold up to 5 people and costs £15 per hour. It boasts a projector and screen as well as high top seating. 

2) Meeting room 1 at Bruntwood Cotton Exchange
This meeting room can hold up to 8 people and costs £20 per hour. It features plenty of natural daylight as well as screen.

3) The Boardroom at Avenue HQ Mann Island
This meeting room can hold up to 14 people and costs £60 per hour. This space is great for big brainstorming sessions or presentations. 

How much is a hot desk or meeting in Liverpool?
The cost of booking a space in Liverpool can vary depending on the specific coworking space and the amenities they offer. On average, it costs £20 - £30 to book a hot desk in Liverpool and for meeting rooms it costs between £85 to £400 per day. 

Why work in Liverpool?
Liverpool is an excellent place to work for numerous reasons. Firstly, the city boasts a thriving business community, with a robust startup culture and an encouraging environment for entrepreneurship. Furthermore, Liverpool has a vibrant creative scene, which influences and enriches the professional landscape. With its array of coworking spaces, professionals have the flexibility and support they need to thrive, foster collaboration, and drive innovation.

Moreover, Liverpool's strategic location and well connected transport network ensure easy connectivity with major cities in the UK and Europe, facilitating business growth and expansion. The city offers a wonderful balance between work and life with its rich cultural heritage, sports events, music festivals, and gastronomic delights, making the city an attractive place to work and live. 

The cost of living and working in Liverpool is significantly lower compared to other UK cities, making it an economical choice for both businesses and employees. In addition, the city's universities and colleges produce a steady stream of talented graduates, ensuring a fresh and skilled workforce. In summary, Liverpool offers a dynamic, supportive, and culturally rich environment that makes it an ideal place to work.

Tally's favourite coworking space in Liverpool
Bruntwood Plaza holds a special place in our hearts when it comes to coworking in Liverpool. The Plaza’s blend of tradition and modern amenities seamlessly merges the city's rich history with today's dynamic work culture. The stylish, spacious workspaces offer high-speed internet and are well-equipped to cater to a variety of professional needs. From freelancers to large corporate teams, the Plaza provides a suitable environment for all, ensuring connectivity and productivity. Coupled with its central location, Bruntwood Plaza not only offers an exceptional coworking experience but also keeps you in the heart of Liverpool's bustling business activity. It's more than just a coworking space – it's a hub where professionals can thrive, connect, and be inspired.

Whether you're a local professional or a business looking to expand in the UK, Liverpool's coworking spaces offer a unique blend of history, culture, and professional growth opportunities. So, if you're looking for a place that inspires, supports, and connects, coworking in Liverpool is the way to go.