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Tally Workspace Team's Favourite Coworking Spaces Of 2022

Kamile Kupryte 2 minute read
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Here at Tally Workspace, we are huge supporters of flexible working.

Our team meets twice a month (Mondays and Thursdays) at a workspace in Whitechapel. For the rest of the week - the team is able to book their own spaces on our on-demand platform. The team is encouraged to work where they are most productive.
As the year draws to a close, our staff reflects on their year of embracing flexible working and which Tally Workspace venues have become their new favourites in 2022.

Tally Workspace team picture

Favourite venue:
beyond Aldgate Tower

"beyond Aldgte Tower truly has everything you need - a large coworking area, barista-made coffee, lots of natural light, phone booths and meeting pods, great wifi and comfy chair. It also has things you don't need but love like table tennis and lots of community events. The team are very accommodating and fun to be around. I always feel very productive at beyond!"

beyond Aldgate tower on Tally Workspace

Favourite venue:
Oru Space

"My favourite venue of 2022 has hands down been Oru Space in East Dulwich. It is super local to me, perfect for when I want to stay close to home but fancy a change of scenery. Their whole team is lovely and the coworking space has a really nice relaxed vibe to it. They also have amazing food/lunch options. The masala beans are my personal fave and I rave about them to just about anyone who will listen!"

Oru space on Tally Workspace

Favourite venue:
Mindspace Hammersmith

"This venue has a gorgeous co-working area filled with handpicked vintage furniture for switching it up and working from the sofa. It has great coffee, plenty of phone booths and also happens to be just a 10-minute walk from my flat which is an added bonus!"

Mindspace Hammersmith on Tally Workspace

Favourite venue:
Runway East, Borough Market

"Great venue with a brilliant community team, as well as loads of breakout space and a lovely roof terrace in the summer. Also in a really good location, just minutes from Borough Market to grab something for lunch and lots of pubs and bars for an afterwork drink!"

Runway East Borough Market on Tally Workspace

Favourite venue:
beyond Aldgate Tower

"Beyond because the receptionists love Ledley (my dog) and there are plenty of phone and meeting booths free. It also has lots of natural light, a beer tap and barista coffee."

Beyond Aldgate Tower on Workspace

Favourite venue:

"I love working from Missionworks' hanging gardens, it makes me feel like I'm on a tropical island. Not only do their beautiful plants fill the building with fresh air, but it also offers the best background for my video calls. Their community manager Rebeca always makes you feel super welcomed too!"

Missionworks on Tally Workspace

At Tally Workspace, we specialise in finding companies the perfect workspaces to fit their needs, whether that is a full time office for the team or access to ad hoc coworking and meeting rooms. 

Just pop us a message on the live chat and we will help you find the flexible workspace of your dreams, or you can always email us at [email protected]

Written by Kamile Kupryte

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