Friday 1st September 2023

Announcing The Tallys 2023 Awards

Kamile Kupryte 1 minute read
The Tallys 2023 logo on Tally Workspace
The Tallys is back! For a second year in a row. The Tallys is set to celebrate the most innovative, visionary, and successful workspaces. 

From independent coworking spaces to global operators, The Tallys acknowledges 100 workplaces that create environments that people enjoy working in. Our goal is to highlight those who are revolutionising the industry.

The Tallys 2023 logo on Tally Workspace

Making The Tallys Top 100 List is an excellent opportunity to gain recognition for your venue, attract new teams looking for a workspace and enhance team spirit.

The Ministry coworking space on Tally Workspace

Everyone selected for The Tallys 2023 Top 100 list will also have a chance to win one of The Tallys 2023 awards:

1. Best Community Team

2. Best Design

3. People's Choice

Entries open on June 6th, 2023, nominations close on June 27th, 2023, and finalists will be announced on July 13th, 2023. The winner of the Public's Choice Award will be voted for by the public.

It is an excellent way to:
  • Increase brand awareness 
  • Gain media coverage 
  • Improve community team morale
  • Draw in new teams seeking workspace
  • The top 10 venues on the list and the 3 award winners will also be receiving exciting prizes for their venue and the team. 

Uncommon meeting room on Tally Workspace

The Tallys 2023 will rank the Top 100 best workspaces. Additionally, there are three categories to recognise venues that excel in specific aspects: Best Community Team, Best Design, and People's Choice.

Applying is completely free, and you can nominate your venue for multiple categories.

1. Best Community Team - Does your community team stand out from the rest? Do they greet every member with a smile and organise exceptional community events? Maybe the team knows every member personally.
Best Community Team category on The Tallys 2023

2. Best Design - Does your venue's design foster productivity and look truly amazing? Perhaps you've invested in top-notch meeting rooms or replaced the staircase with a slide.
Best Design Category on The Tallys 2023

3. People's Choice - Are your members infatuated with your space? Do other venues aspire to be like you? Maybe there's a line of people waiting to work at your location. This is THE award to win.
People's Choice category on The Tallys 2023

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The top 10 venues on the list, along with the three award winners, will receive exciting prizes that help attract top teams searching for workspace. You will receive:
  • A feature in The Tally Times newsletter
  • A social media venue tour 
  • Goodie bags for your community team
  • A feature on Tally Workpace’s famous ‘Everything You Need To Know About’ blog post.
The Tally Times newsletter - Tally Workspace


  • Entries open June 06 2023
  • Entries Close June 27 2023 (shortlisted announced)
  • Voting for ‘best for’  June 29 2023
  • Announcing Winners July 13 2023

The Tallys 2023 logo - Tally Workspace

Do you know a venue that deserves an award? Make sure to nominate them. 

Find out more about The Tallys 2023

Written by Kamile Kupryte

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