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The Tallys 2023 - People's Choice Award Shortlist Announced

Kamile Kupryte 7 minute read
The Tallys 2023 - People's Choice Award Shortlist Announced
We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated shortlist of venues for the People's Choice award in The Tallys Top 100 List 2023!

The Tallys is set to recognise the top 100 workplaces that are transforming the industry. Every venue selected to be in the Tallys Top 100 List will also be in with a chance of winning one of The Tallys 2023 awards:
  1. People's Choice - winner decided by the public
  2. Best Community Team 
  3. Best Design

The Top 100 list, as well as winners of the Best Community Team and Best Design awards, will be selected by the judges. But the winner of the People's Choice award will be decided on by you, the people! 

In this blog post, we will introduce you to the remarkable venues that have been nominated for the People's Choice award, showcasing their unique features and qualities that have captivated their members. As the only category decided by public vote, the power is in your hands to determine the winner. So, without further ado, let's dive into the shortlist.

1. HUCKLETREE OXFORD CIRCUS - dreamy, futuristic, good-vibes

Huckletree Oxford Circus coworking area on Tally Workspace

Perks, amenities and benefits at Huckletree Oxford Circus:
"We're dog friendly, have the rolls-royce of bean-to-cup machines, weekly breakfast and drinks, and a stunning roof terrace."

Huckletree Oxford Circus

"We're newly opened this year and demand has been crazy! We're so happy to have so many people in the space and our team is devoted to giving the best experience every day. Come in and check it out!" - said the team at the Huckletree Oxford Circus

 - Have you recently had an inspiring community event you would like to shout about?
"This week we're hosting an intimate fireside chat with Max Siegel, a trans entrepreneur talking about their journey transitioning and sharing key advice for businesses looking to be more trans inclusive."

2. FIGFLEX OAK HOUSE - community, accommodating, comfortable

FIGFLEX Oak House community team on Tally Workspace

 Perks, amenities and benefits at FigFlex Oak House:
"Tea and coffee provided as well as regular social events like doughnut day, a tea party for the coronation and networking events."
FIGFLEX Oak House office on Tally Workspace

"The 46 5* reviews on Google really show just how nice it is to work in this office space. Everyone says hello to each other, we help each other out and it always feels like a nice place to come to work everyday." - said the team at FigFlex Oak House

 - Have you recently had an inspiring community event you would like to shout about?
"Our tea party for the Kings coronation brought a lot smiles to everyone's faces. We had a huge selection of food on offer and had fun taking pictures with masks of the royal family while watching preparations for the event unfold on tv."

- sustainable, community-focused, innovative

Oru Space coworking space on Tally Workspace

 Perks, amenities and benefits at Oru Space:
"Free toasty tuesday members breakfast, free community meditation, run club, journal club, monthly member's drinks, free entry to Oru events, 10% off all food and drink in our daytime cafe and evening restaurant, subsidised member access to over 80 different types of wellbeing classes from yoga and pilates to barre and sound baths."
Oru Space on Tally Workspace

"We are on a mission to regenerate high streets, build social initiatives and support wellbeing - creating a hub for local communities. We are soon launching our new site Oru Sutton, our largest site to date, housing a nursery, wild areas and rooftop gardens alongside larger coworking and private offices - a site 10 times the size of our current site in East Dulwich. This site will be a hub for fostering connection and nurturing an inclusive, accessible space that aids working life, well-being and the local economy. Our approach is rooted in sustainability for our health and the planet; supporting local communities, promoting longevity and sustainable wellbeing, using environmentally friendly materials in our builds, creating wild areas and rainwater collection points, implementing water-saving taps and a plastic-free cafe and more. We want to create a different kind of working life where we nurture community and connection, health and wellbeing, inclusivity and belonging." - said the team at Oru Space

 - Have you recently had an inspiring community event you would like to shout about?
"We run Community Cook-Ups that support the charity Migrant Help UK, who help house asylum seekers locally. We create these events so that they can experience a warm welcome to the area, and have an evening of free delicious food and entertainment that they normally wouldn't have access to. These events are received so well by the residents, who are grateful for a change from the food they're normally provided, and the experience of an evening that feels special and welcoming."

 4. ARC CLUB HOMERTON - friendly, productive, local

The team at ARC Club Homerton on Tally Workspace

 Perks, amenities and benefits at ARC Club Homerton:
"Free filter coffee and fruits, discount on local businesses & events, multi site acess, guest pass, free printing, venue hire discount"
ARC Club Homerton on Tally Workpsace

"The community here is awesome - everyone knows each other!" - said the team at ARC Club Homerton

 - Have you recently had an inspiring community event you would like to shout about?
"Every week we offer free lunch for members to meet each other."

 5. MISSIONWORKS - holistic, community, growth

MISSIONWORKS yoga on Tally Workspace

 Perks, amenities and benefits at Missionworks:
"Rich social programme of events, weekly satria and yin yoga classes free for members, free cafe (unlimited free tea and coffee), networking and social opportunities."
Missionworks coworking space on Tally Workspace

"We are a sustainability-focused coworking environment. We aim to use only BCORP-accredited suppliers and are very careful to ensure that anything we buy or sell is ethically sourced. We care genuinely about our local community as well as our members and aim to provide consistent offerings/benefits to both!" - said the team at Missionworks

 - Have you recently had an inspiring community event you would like to shout about?
"Missionworks recently hosted it's first 'Spa day', offering members on site luxury treatments such as facials and Thai Massage. This was a collaboration with local beauticians/ technicians. A great way to help the growth of local businesses while also providing special offering for our members."

 6. WORK + PLAY - productive, flexible, connection

WORK + PLAY community team

 Perks, amenities and benefits at Work + Play:
"Operator chairs, desks and monitors for all. Unlimited barista-quality coffee, free yoga, Pilates, Strength and Conditioning Classes and super flexible membership options."
Work + Play coworking space on Tally Workspace

"W+P are coworking first, meaning co-workers get an experience that isn't matched in other spaces!" - said the team at Work + Play

 - Have you recently had an inspiring community event you would like to shout about?
"Our recent coffee morning was fantastic with fresh croissants, fruits and snacks providing a great centre piece for people to congregate around, chat and connect. Simple but highly effective."

 7. WORKS SOCIAL - coworking, event, space

WORKS SOCIAL team on Tally Workspace

 Perks, amenities and benefits at Works Social:
"👩🏻‍💻24/7 access 🔑Secure locker 🗣 4 hours meeting room allowance 🎉 1 x 3 hour event space hire 🖥 High-speed internet 🖨 Free Printing ✉️Prestigous Address & Mail storage ☕️Unlimited tea, coffee and snacks 🍷Events 🗞Newsletter 🤗 Free hugs."
Works Social coworking space on Tally Workspace

"We are a supportive community made up of freelancers, remote workers, startups and micro businesses. There are a variety of types of businesses here both in Resident and Virtually, including but not limited to Designers, Digital Agencies, Film Makers, Web Developers, Software Developers, Interior Designers, Architects, Landscape Architects, Construction Consultants, Management Consultants, Legal Consultants, Recruitment Consultants, Data Management, Financial Services, InsurTech, Event Planners, Youth Development, Therapists, Community Groups…We're a sociable bunch, the clue is in our title." - said the team at Works Social

 - Have you recently had an inspiring community event you would like to shout about?
"Quarterly we have a Community Lunch, an opportunity for resident and virtual members to get together over a free feed. The theme last time was a Clothes Swap Shop 👖🧣🧢👚 - Members brought along any unwanted items of clothing and we added to a rail for them to rummage through before donating to homeless charity Emmanuel House."

 8. 1 MILL STREET - eclectic, motivating, welcoming.

1 Mill Street team outside their building on Tally Workspace

 Perks, amenities and benefits at 1 Mill Street:
"Our coworking space is where the magic happens. This is our members only area. A private work and social space for: the innovators, creators and game-changers of tomorrow. A place to come together, collaborate and make great things happen. Perks include: Super-fast WIFI, Exclusive Events - For You, For Your Business, For Fun, Creativity-inspiring Break-out Areas, Exclusive 1 Mill Street Coffeehouse Offers, 24/7 CCTV Security, 50% Discounts on Meeting Rooms, State-of-the-art Events Space, Creative Incubator support from The University of Warwick, Exclusive Affiliate Offers from Local Business Partners, Printing and Scanning Facilities, FREE tea and Coffee and 24/7 access."
1 Mill Street coworking space on Tally Workspace

"At the heart of 1 Mill Street is our charity, Make Good Grow. Make Good Grow is a social enterprise that believes in the power of doing good. We’re passionate about partnering with game-changing businesses to create a world where doing good isn’t just measured, but celebrated." - said the team at 1 Mill Street

 - Have you recently had an inspiring community event you would like to shout about?
"Winning On Your Doorstep. An event to celebrate the meaning on winning to those in our community. Whether it be winning in business, over adversity, or personal achievement."

 9. UNDERWOOD LOFTS - Unique, versatile, sustainable

Underwood Loft team event on Tally Workspace

 Perks, amenities and benefits at Underwood Lofts:
"Unlimited refreshments, flexible working hours, excellent health insurance, a place filled with laughter & an amazing diverse team spirit. It's a family!"
Underwood Lofts event space on Tally Workspace

"One of our greatest assets is the Lumiere team which is composed of a truly diverse group of wonderful individuals from all parts of the world, different backgrounds and the LGBTQI+ community. Clients always say that they come for the first time to Lumiere because of Carlos' photography and design of the spaces, but they all return because of the professional and inclusive service by our team." - said the team at Underwood Lofts.

 10. 25 EP - luxury, friendly, innovative

25 EP event on Tally Workspace

 Perks, amenities and benefits at 25 EP:
"Member events, desk-side refreshments served, wine and beer on Thursday and Friday afternoons/evenings, great coffee machines, concierge."
25 EP coworking space on Tally Workspace

"It's run by an experienced hospitality team, so the service is amazing. Regular member events, lunches, breakfasts are a great perk." - said the team at 25 EP.

With so many outstanding venues to choose from, the competition for the People's Choice award at The Tallys 2023 is fiercer than ever. Each nominated venue has demonstrated its ability to provide unparalleled experiences, making it difficult to pick just one winner. With voting now open, we encourage you to show your support and appreciation for these remarkable venues by casting your vote for your favourite.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner!
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Written by Kamile Kupryte

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