Friday 8th September 2023

What Are The Issues With Hybrid Work And How Can We Solve Them?

Jules Robertson 2 minute read
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Over 80% of companies believe that the future of work is hybrid. With many companies having moved or looking to move to a hybrid model it is important to think about what issues it poses and how companies can solve for them.

Pretty much everyone feels the same

After more than a year of working remotely, it seemed like pretty much everyone felt the same:

  • They felt more productive when doing individual work remotely.
  • They still valued some time on-site with the rest of the team for collaboration and socialising.
  • They wanted 1–2 days with the team and to work remotely the rest of the time. However, there were a proportion of team members, mainly younger ones, who didn’t have a good space at home to work and therefore would value a shared co-working space to drop into, regardless of who else was there.


And so the shift to hybrid working began

As a result, the majority of companies have moved to or are moving to a hybrid model. Most booking a private space for their whole team a couple of days a week so they have the benefit of private space, but the affordability of paying for less than a full week.

However hybrid has posed some interesting issues: teams can’t leave any personal belongings around, not everyone can work from home (as noted above), and teams can’t use any personal branding. However, ways to get around this are:

  • Having storage lockers where team members can leave monitors and personal belongings that they don’t want to take home every day.
  • Providing team members with access to local co-working spaces in their area if they needed this, i.e. if they didn’t have a suitable place at home to work, or wanted to get out of the house (great use case for Tally Workspace)
  • Using monitors on the walls to display ‘instant’ branding, so when teams are in they are set to display the company logo, slides, etc, to create a feeling and atmosphere that’s on-brand.


But also the benefits

Despite some small, solvable issues, hybrid ultimately has many advantages; cost savings; increased productivity; the flexibility for everyone to live where they like and still get the regular social and brainstorming sessions; reduced carbon footprint, and the right kind of space for the right kind of work. To name just a few!

With Tally Workspace, we can find your team a private office to call home or you can instantly book meeting rooms and desks.

Written by Jules Robertson

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