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How Tally Workspace helped find Connectd a two-day-a-week office

Jules Robertson 3 minute read
Prior to considering a part-time office, the team at Connectd had a small, full-time office at a Spaces venue in London. However, they did not believe they were getting good value for money. 

Who is Connectd?

Connectd is a leading platform for early-stage funding. They connect entrepreneurs and startups with investors and NEDs. They have over 3,000 members worldwide and have supported over 1,250 funding rounds. Their aim is to revolutionise the early-stage ecosystem, democratising access to funding and talent.

Connectd Team

Why did they consider a part-time office?

When Tally Workspace first started speaking with Connectd they were scaling fast! They wanted to be able to support their current team with a space to work, and they believed that having a good workspace was important for attracting the best new talent. But as a startup, it was also very important for them to get the best value for money. 

“As a startup, it is really important for us to get the best value when it comes to our office space. We think having a great space to collaborate in is crucial to attracting the best talent too!” Cat Stevenson, People Lead at Connectd.

The Space 69 Old Street

The benefits of a part-time office

Connectd decided that a part-time office might be a good way to provide their growing team with a space to collaborate, whilst keeping costs low. 

They also liked the idea that a part-time office could provide them with flexibility - highly important when you're scaling at the rate they were! The only potential downside was a potential lack of security. However, they found that the pros outweighed the cons at the time. 

So they turned to Tally Workspace to help them source part-time office options. 

Their requirements for a part-time office   

Location: Shoreditch/Old Street/Liverpool Street
Size: 25-30 desks
  • Access to meeting rooms and phone booths
  • Preferably an internal meeting room
  • 2 days per week

“We found 2 days a week was the perfect balance for us” Cat Stevenson, People Lead at Connectd. 

Tally Workspace worked closely with Cat, People Lead at Connectd, to find a part-time office in London for the Connectd team. Cat already knew the area well and had found the team their previous full-time office but she had never attempted to find a part-time office before. She was keen to find a space that was perfect for their growing team 

How to find a part-time office?

When we began the search there were very limited part time office options available compared to the current marker but Tally Workspace reviewed the market and presented back several options that could suit the team. They knew that spaces to take calls and a convenient location were both very important.

The Space Day Office

After shortlisting a few options, Tally Workspace arranged for Cat to view the options - all within one morning. The option she decided best fitted the team’s needs was The Space, 69 Old Street. The office itself was large enough to accommodate 25-30 people and it even had a large internal meeting room. There were extensive breakout areas and it was close to both Liverpool Street Station and Old Street Station. Cat thought it would be perfect for the team. 

How much money can you save with a part-time office?

It is possible to save a considerable amount by using a day or part-time office, compared to a full-time office space. Companies can save up to 85% compared to using an office five days per week. It is common that part-time office solutions are cheaper on Mondays and Fridays compared to Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

How much money did Connectd save by going for a part-time office, two days per week, compared to their previous full-time office space?

“We saved about a third of the cost of a full-time space!” Cat Stevenson, People Lead at Connectd. 

When to get a full-time office?

The Connectd team scaled rapidly from 14 to 42 people in just over a year. As they grew they decided that they needed a more secure setup and that they needed to be able to use the space more than two days per week. Therefore, they decided to look into full-time office options.

Second Home Spitalfields

Once again they turned to Tally Workspace. Based on their requirements, we reviewed the market for them and presented back over 20 full-time office options that suited their needs. Cat shortlisted the ones that she thought might work and Tally Workspace arranged for her to go and visit them. 

Tally Workspace managed to get Connectd an amazing deal on a 32 person office at Second Home - a fabulous office space in Shoreditch. It has lots of breakout spaces and phone booths - great for their business development team to make calls from. 

A part-time office proved to be the perfect transition to a full-time office space for the Connectd team. They were able to maintain ultimate flexibility and saves cost whilst their team grew. 

Day offices used on a one-off basis or part-time are becoming increasingly popular and many more part-time options are now available 

If you are interested in a day office or part-time office for your team, one to four days per week, then let the Tally Workspace team know your part time office requirements and we will get back to you with options to suit your needs as soon as possible 

Written by Jules Robertson

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