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How Tally Workspace Helped Fueled Find A Part-Time Office In Shoreditch

Laura Beales 3 minute read
Part time office in Shoreditch, London
Prior to the Pandemic Fueled’s London-based team was already Hybrid - letting their team work from both their London office and their homes. 

Why get a part-time office?

When the pandemic hit, the team decided to give up all their full-time office and go 100% remote. Lucky for Fueled - they were already all set to work remotely. 

As the pandemic came to an end Fueled started to think about physical workspace again, and although their business does not require a physical office, they wanted a space to help with collaboration and aid social interaction. While they wanted to provide a space where their employees could meet with each other, they did not require their team to go in every day. The solution - a day office that they rented part-time in London for a couple of days each week.

Fueled looked to Tally Workspace to help them find an office they could have part-time. 

Their requirements for a day office:  

Location: Shoreditch/Old Street 
Size: 8-10 desks 
  • Access to meeting rooms and breakout space
  • Strong and secure wifi 
  • Ability to stay past 6pm. 
  • 1-2 days per week

Fueled is a leading digital transformation agency servicing a range of unicorn startups, global brands, and Fortune 500 companies.

Tally Workspace worked closely with Valentina, the Global People & Culture Lead at Fueled, to find a part-time office in London for the Fueled team. She already had great knowledge of the London office space market but was unable to find part-time options that met all their needs and their budget. She was keen to find a space that was perfect.

Part-time office in cental London

What day office options were available?

At the time, there were limited part-time office options in the required area. But Tally Workspace reviewed the market and presented a number of day offices and part time offices in London that would meet their needs - including being able to stay at the space past 6 p.m. 

Valentina shortlisted four options, and Tally Workspace arranged for her to view all of the spaces within one morning. After viewing several different spaces, the one that really stood out was an office near Old Street called The Space, Shoreditch. The office itself was very large, with wooden floors and lots of natural light. There is an extensive breakout area, and it is near lots of amazing lunch spots. Valentina thought that the team would love the look and feel of both the office and the wider venue. 

How to decide which day of the week to have a day office?

They decided to take the office space for one day per week - every Wednesday. Tally Workspace arranged everything for them, and the Fueled team even used the Tally Workspace platform to add the London-based Fueled to the booking each week. 

They decided to do just one day per week, having done an employee survey to find out how many days the team actually wanted to come into an office space. The Fueled team originally just booked the day office, once a week for four weeks in a row. However, they loved it so much that they extended their stay for another two months. They ended up using a part-time office for three months. 

Did they save money with a part-time office?

They did save a considerable amount of money compared to a full-time office. However, they decided to use the money they saved to provide their team with other benefits. 

After three months, the Fueled team decided that they liked the office they were using so much that they would like to take it on full-time. They wanted to have the freedom to change the day the team went in based on their weekly needs. They also wanted the team to be able to leave all their belongings and brand their office space.

Day office in London (6 people)

A part-time office proved to be the perfect transition to a full-time office space for the Fueled team. They were able to make sure the team loved the space and, most importantly, that they were going to use a full-time office if the company decided to reinvest in one. 

Day offices used on a one-off basis or part-time are becoming increasingly popular as employers look for ways to save money, increase efficiency and optimise for hybrid work. Part-time offices offer a flexible working arrangement that still provides teams with a private space to work and collaborate 1-4 days per week. This type of arrangement can be beneficial for both employers and employees, as it allows employers to reduce overhead costs and employees to have more control over their schedules.

Day offices and part-time office options in London are plentiful, with new options available every week.

If you are looking for office space in Shoreditch, Tally Workspace can help you find the perfect office at no cost to you. Simply get in touch with the team and we will be delighted to talk you through the available options.

If you are interested in a day office or part-time office for your team, 1-4 days per week, then let us know your part-time office requirements and we will get back to you with options to suit your needs. 

Written by Laura Beales

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