Friday 14th May 2021

An Interview With Matteo Maione, Manager Of Hoxton Cabin
Laura Beales 1 minute read

Hoxton Cabin workspace and cafe

We spoke to Matteo Maione, Manager of Hoxton Cabin about the space and he explains what surprises people about the venue.

Hoxton Cabin is a cozy cabin that will definitely make you feel as if you were in an extension of your own living room! Known in the area for their stand-up comedy and art events this is a lovely spot for a night of entertainment if you decide to stay after work.

What 3 words would you use to describe Hoxton Cabin

Relaxed, Quirky and Warm.

Hoxton Cabin

What is one thing that surprises people when they come to your space?

 When people come for the first time they immediately fall in love with the quirky and friendly atmosphere they find here, but what makes us special is our dedicated team, everyone who comes here feels immediately part of our family. We are a small and independent venue so almost everything from the inside objects to the tables has been done or chosen by our team. We use organic and high quality products and everything and we chose our suppliers always having this in our mind.

Where is your favourite place to work from within the venue

Personally I really like to work from the tables next to our large windows ,as it is very important for me enjoy natural light as much as I can, and I can also have a look on what is going on around the neighbourhood.

What is your work-related life hack?

As we are a small venue, being the only manager can be very exciting as I control every single aspect of the business, but it can be also very overwhelming and time-consuming. So for me is very important to have a very defined daily agenda with tasks divided between recurring/exceptional and short/long term this allows me to organize my time in the most efficient way I can. The other important element is to create a good team atmosphere where everyone is ready to help the colleagues and there is trust between all the team members including me.

What else is fun to do nearby to Hoxton Cabin

Every night we host our Comedy show with comedians of every level, so there's no one funnier than us! However if you want to walk around the area, next to us there are many Vietnamese restaurants and we are just a few minutes away from the buzzing vibes of Old Street and Shoreditch.


A big thank you to Matteo and be sure to book to go work from Hoxton Cabin on Tally Workspace.

Written by Laura Beales

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