Thursday 12th January 2023

Announcing The Stars Of The Workplace Winners List 2023
Kamile Kupryte 1 minute read

Stars of the workplace 2023 awards winners on Tally Workspace

We are delighted to announce Tally Market's Stars of the Workplace 2023 List. A huge congratulations to every company that made the list - there was a lot of great competition. 

The top 100 list:

The results for the three Shining Stars Awards were decided upon by our lovely judges. All of whom are shining stars themselves in the startup world. 

The Shining Stars Awards were won by:

1. Most Flexible - Lavanda

What their employers had to say about working for Lavanda - "Staff are able to come in whenever they want, whichever days they want, at whatever time works best for them, there are no compulsory days. We also allow our staff to work from any location in the world. ‘Embody flexibility’ is one of our core values."
Lavanda logo on Tally Market

2. Best for Dog Owners - HR Revolution

What their employers had to say about working for HR Revolution - "We have Baxter and Snoopy who are our furry Wellbeing and Security Managers.. who always love to see anyone (especially with treats!)"
HR Revolution logo on Tally Market

3. Most Fabulous HQ - Senit App

What their employers had to say about working for Senit App - 
""At Senit we are making a difference in the world. Innovative and visionary leaders, global team, human focused business practices, quarterly get-togethers, pet friendly, breakfast with the founders, team parties, lunch and learn events."
SENIT APP logo on Tally Market

The process for determining which companies make it onto this prestigious list is a rigorous and demanding one

We look at the workplaces, perks, and policies of each company. Moreover, employee feedback, goals, and culture. The chosen companies have it all. To be included on our list, businesses must provide their team with excellent workplaces - whether they be remote, hybrid, or office based. 

We are pleased to see that this year’s list features companies from a range of industries and geographies. Each company is doing its part to find ways to support its team through what can be a challenging landscape. 

The names on the Top 100 list are committed to creating amazing workplace experiences. 

Congratulations to all our winners! And we at Tally Market want to support and showcase this. 

Congratulations to all our winners!

At Tally Market, we specialise in finding companies the perfect workspaces to fit their needs, whether that is a full-time office for the team or access to ad hoc coworking and meeting rooms.  

Just pop us a message on the live chat and we will help you find the flexible workspace of your dreams, or you can always email us at [email protected] 

Written by Kamile Kupryte

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