Monday 21st August 2023

Tally Workspace - Kyra Case Study

Laura Beales 1 minute read
Tally Workspace - Kyra Case Study
We had the pleasure of speaking to Kyra's team, who came to Tally Workspace, as they wanted to give their staff the ability to work near home.

Read more about their experience using Tally Workspace's platform below.

Can you tell us a little about who Kyra is and what it is the company does? 

Kyra is a global creator economy company bridging the gap between brands and creators. We are a team of creators at our core, producing best-in-class social content geared for Gen-Z while accelerating a world for creators to do the same with ease.

You are currently using the Tally workspace on-demand platform, what do you think have been the benefits of this for your team? 

Flexibility: it provides the team with the opportunity to come together or they can use Tally to work alone somewhere closer to home.

Culture: it’s supported us in sustaining our team culture in a post covid world.

Three women coworking in a TOG office

What do you think makes Tally Workspace different? 
  • Having a dedicated Slack channel with our Tally Workspace account managers really helped with the adoption of the platform. Team members can jump on each other's bookings incredibly easily. 
  • The Tally Workspace team's willingness to onboard locations that aren’t on their books already has been a real benefit since we started hiring across the UK and Europe.
  • The ability to review or read others' reviews of a venue when considering booking a space. 
  • Being able to utilise the Tally Workspace team when needing to book e.g. conference spaces  

Do your team have any favourite workspaces on the Tally Workspace platform?

Second Home Spitalfields and Beyond Aldgate Tower are our faves!

coworking area in Second home Spitalfields

coworking area in beyond Aldgate Tower

How did you hear about Tally Workspace?

Through one of our founders.

What is your favourite feature on the platform?

Recent team activity

Second Home Spitalfields Coworking area filled with plants

Would you recommend Tally Workspace to other companies?


We would like to thank the team at Kyra for taking the time to speak with us about their insights.

If you are also looking for an on-demand workspace whether it's a hot-desk, meeting room or a private office bookable, check out Tally Workspace!

Written by Laura Beales

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