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Tally Workspace Case Study: Juggle
Jules Robertson 2 minute read

Juggle jobs case study

Juggle is passionate about helping professionals to work on their terms and "juggle" successfully. The Juggle platform enables companies to hire outstanding professional talent in just a few clicks.

Founder, Romanie Thomas, knows from experience that people are at their best when they have the freedom and flexibility to work and live. Therefore she created Juggle to make this possible for the many and not the few.

As the world opened up, Juggle was looking for a solution to help balance the needs of remote work with the team needing to get out of their home-working bubble. They turned to Tally Workspace.

Romanie Thomas Juggle Jobs

Why did you start to build Juggle?

I was frustrated at the lack of women in senior roles and believe the way to really make a change here is to normalise flexible working - to make it the easiest and simplest way for companies to hire and manage experienced people. That way, professionals can work on their terms, and we'll soon see that it's the structure that hasn't worked for women and why there aren't more female business leaders, not a capability reason! 

Did you have a hybrid policy?

Pre-pandemic we worked in the Clerkenwell office 3 days per week and that was very flexible in comparison to almost all other companies operating in the UK, so we were able to have an edge on hiring talented people (particularly Engineers). It's funny to look back at that now, as it's the minimum bar if you're operating a business today.  

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What were you using prior to Tally Workspace for workspace?

During the pandemic, nothing - we worked exclusively from home. Prior to that we had a dedicated office in Clerkenwell which was lovely, but obviously a huge cost and restricted us to hiring in the UK only. 

What are the main benefits to the company and team of using Tally Workspace?

It's helped us to balance the needs of people who need to get out of their home-working bubble, but also maintain a remote working environment. Also, the variety cannot be underestimated. There's something comforting about going to the same place over and over again (a habit you can form should you wish to with Tally Workspace), but I did find the creativity gets stifled. By having different locations and spaces, one can work alone in a different spot, or with colleagues on a collaborative basis, and certainly mixing it up helps to stimulate creative thoughts.  

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What do you look for in a space to work?

Somewhere that has variety within the space. Perhaps they have little meeting rooms and booths, alongside private offices and open plan desks. That means you can do a variety of different work that day, acknowledging that different work requires different environments.   

What are your top tips for remote/hybrid teams?

Think of hybrid as remote and then optimise your operating structure for that (better documentation, individual budgets, deeper emphasis on process). 

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What’s next for Juggle Jobs?

Well, we're not persuading people that flexible working is a good idea anymore, everyone seems to agree with us now which is great! So our role is to scale up what we have and place more of these fantastic people (men and women, with a little bias towards women) into these exciting, senior flexible roles. 

A big thank you to Romanie for her honest answers and insights. Make sure you check out Juggle.

With Tally Workspace, we can find your team a private office to call home or you can instantly book meeting rooms and desks.  

Written by Jules Robertson

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