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BManchester is an excellent choice for businesses looking for office space, thanks to its dynamic economy, vibrant culture, and extensive transportation links. Regarded as the UK's fastest-growing city, Manchester presents an attractive blend of affordable office space and a talented workforce. The city thrives in diverse sectors including tech, finance, and creative industries, making it a melting pot of innovation and opportunities.

Additionally, Manchester's rich cultural scene, music heritage, sporting legacy, and leisure facilities contribute to a high-quality lifestyle, attracting top talent to the city. Manchester if definitely a top choice for businesses seeking to establish or expand their presence.

Serviced Office Space in Manchester 

Serviced offices are a particularly popular choice for businesses looking for office space in Manchester. They provide a ready-to-use workspace, fully equipped with modern office furniture and high-speed internet access. This means businesses can hit the ground running, without worrying about the logistics of setting up an office space from scratch. Additionally, serviced offices offer flexible lease terms, allowing businesses to scale up or down according to their needs. It's an ideal solution for everyone from startups seeking agility or established companies wanting to provide their team with a high-quality work environment. 

The serviced office spaces in Manchester come with a range of premium amenities. Many of these include access to meeting rooms, kitchen facilities, breakout spaces, and even on-site gyms. These amenities contribute to a positive work environment, promoting employee wellness and productivity. Moreover, most serviced offices are located in prime Manchester city centre locations, surrounded by a plethora of restaurants, shops, and cultural attractions, offering plenty of opportunities for after-work leisure and client entertainment.

Tally Workspace's Top Serviced Office Spaces in Manchester

1. 5 Piccadilly, Aytoun Street, M1 3BR
Colony Piccadilly is managed by Colony, one of the top service office providers in the city. They have a growing portfolio of modern office spaces and their Piccadilly location is one of the best, featuring extensive breakout space, tech-enabled meeting rooms and plenty of office spaces for businesses of all sizes.

2. 9 Great Ancoats Street, M4 5AD
Huckletree Ancoats is another fantastic office space in Manchester, situated in the heart of the city's creative and digital district. Known for its unique blend of private studios, resident desks and shared workspace, it provides an energetic atmosphere for businesses to network, collaborate and grow. This office space offers state-of-the-art facilities, wellness-focused amenities, and a diverse community, making it an ideal choice for forward-thinking businesses and entrepreneurs.

3. Chancery Place, 50 Brown St, M2 2JG
Landmark Chancery Place in Manchester is yet another prestigious option for businesses seeking top-notch office space. Nestled in the city's bustling commercial hub, this location boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, inspiring design, and a suite of premium amenities. It offers an elegant and professional environment, ideal for businesses looking to make a mark in Manchester's thriving business landscape.

4. Oakland House, 76 Talbot Road, Old Trafford, M16 0PQ
Citibase's location in Manchester Old Trafford is a noteworthy office space property in Manchester, delivering a combination of flexibility, connectivity, and convenience. Situated in the vicinity of the iconic Old Trafford stadium home to Manchester United this location offers a variety of workspace solutions, from private offices to co-working spaces, all housed within a modern and professional environment. With excellent transport links and a vibrant surrounding area, Citibase Manchester Old Trafford is an excellent place to choose or your next office space.

6. Blackfriars House, St Marys, Parsonage, M3 2JA
Blackfriars House, managed by Bruntwood, is yet another remarkable office space in Manchester, embodying the city's innovative and dynamic spirit. This historic building in the heart of the city centre elegantly blends classic architecture with modern amenities, creating a unique workspace that is as inspiring as it is functional. The facility offers a range of workspace options, from private offices to co-working spaces, catering to the diverse needs of businesses of all sizes.

7. Landmark St Peter's Square, M1 4PB
Industrious office space in St Peter's Square is another excellent option for businesses seeking a prestigious address in Manchester's city centre. It offers a blend of modern design, high-end amenities, and a vibrant community, providing an inspiring environment for businesses to prosper. Conveniently located in the heart of the city, this office space offers unparalleled access to transport links, shopping venues, and gastronomic delights, making it a sought-after location for businesses of all sizes.

8. 3 Piccadilly, M1 3BN
Orega Piccadilly Place is another top-tier office space in Manchester's city centre, boasting a prime location in the city's bustling business district. Offering a range of flexible workspace solutions, from private offices to co-working spaces, Orega Piccadilly Place creates an optimal environment for businesses to thrive. 

Transport Links in Manchester 

Manchester boasts an extensive and efficient transport system, making it a prime location for businesses seeking office spaces. The city is well-served by a comprehensive network of buses, trams, and trains, offering convenient commuting options to employees. The Metrolink tram system, in particular, is the largest light rail system in the UK, with lines stretching from the city centre to the outer suburbs, ensuring easy accessibility to various parts of the city.

In addition to public transport, Manchester is known for its excellent road and rail links. It's well-connected to other major cities in the UK, with regular trains to London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, and more via its main station Manchester Picadilly Station. Furthermore, Manchester's extensive road network includes the M60 motorway, which encircles the city, and the M62, connecting it to Liverpool to the west and Leeds to the east. For international business connections, Manchester Airport, the third busiest in the UK, offers flights to over 200 destinations worldwide, further enhancing the city's appeal as a business hub.

How to Find the Best Office Space in Manchester 

When searching for office space in Manchester, it's crucial to consider factors such as location, accessibility, and the nature of your business. An office in a well-connected and bustling area might be a good fit for a business with lots of onsite client meetings, while a quieter spot may be better for companies after a more serene work environment. Additionally, the office space should meet your current needs but also allow for future expansion, ensuring that it can accommodate your business as it grows and evolves.

Our team at Tally Workspace are well-equipped to give you a broad overview of the options available, simplifying your search for an office space that aligns with your business goals. Feel free to share your specific requirements for your new office space with us here. We are committed to helping you narrow down potential office spaces ensuring you secure favourable pricing and contract terms.