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North London stands out as an ideal location for office space due to its excellent transport links, making daily commutes efficient for employees. The area is serviced by robust public transportation, including numerous tube stations and bus routes. Additionally, North London hosts a diverse array of shops, pubs, and restaurants, providing ample lunchtime and post-work entertainment options for your team. It's a location that combines convenience with a vibrant lifestyle, making it a prime choice for your office space.

Serviced Office Space in North London 

North London boasts an abundance of serviced office spaces, catering to businesses of all sizes and sectors. Prestigious brands like Workspace and Uncommon have a prominent presence in the area, offering flexible, trendy, and fully equipped offices that are move-in ready. These providers ensure hassle-free setup and administration, so you can focus on what truly matters - growing your business. Whether you’re a startup needing an intimate space or a larger corporation requiring an entire floor, they have solutions that can be tailored to your requirements.

From an operational perspective, serviced office spaces provide significant benefits. The convenience of having all essential amenities, such as high-speed internet, IT support, meeting rooms, and kitchen facilities, included in the rental cost, simplifies budgeting and reduces overheads. Furthermore, the flexibility of short-term leases available with these spaces allows businesses to scale up or down with ease, aligning with their growth strategy. 

Tally Workspace's Top Serviced Offices in North London 

1. 14 Windermere Road , N19 5SG

Bespoke Spaces Archway, a noteworthy office space in North London, offers an exemplary working environment with a unique twist. One of their most attractive features is a beautifully maintained outdoor garden space. This serene area provides an exceptional spot for employees to relax, have lunch or and conduct informal meetings outside in the sunshine (hopefully!). It's an oasis of calm in the midst of bustling North London, adding a touch of tranquillity to the workday and boosting employee morale and productivity.

2. 724 Holloway Road, Archway,, N19 3JD

Riley Studios in Upper Holloway is another premier office space in North London, known for their well-designed and comfortable workspaces. Among their numerous amenities, a notable standout is the well-equipped on-site gym complete with Peloton bikes. Such facilities not only promote a healthier lifestyle, but also contribute to increased productivity and well-being for the whole team. They have a range of private offices on offer alongside flexible coworking memberships. 

3. Greenside House, N22 7DEG

Clockwise Wood Green is another exceptional option when considering office space in North London. Known for their modern, fully serviced workspaces, they cater to businesses of various sizes, offering both private offices and shared coworking spaces. Amenities at Clockwise include high-speed internet, access to premium communal spaces, and meeting rooms. Their strategic location in the heart of Wood Green also offers excellent connectivity, making it a practical choice for companies seeking a dynamic and well-equipped space in this vibrant part of North London.

4. 25 Horsell Rd, N5 1XL

Uncommon Highbury offers remarkable office space that is both elegant and functional. Uncommon are well known for their luxury serviced offices. Their shared facilities are designed with a focus on comfort and productivity, featuring ergonomic furniture, sound-absorbing workspaces, private phone booths, and creatively designed communal areas. With a wellness room for relaxation and an on-site café serving nutritious snacks and beverages. Members would also have access to the other Uncommon sites across London whenever they needed.

5. 59-163 Marlborough Road, N19 4NF

Workspace Islington Studios is a great option for people seeking North London offices. They present businesses with a unique proposition - the office space is essentially a blank canvas that companies are free to brand and design in alignment with their specific needs and corporate ethos. This feature ensures that your workspace transcends beyond being merely functional to become a tangible expression of your brand's persona and values.

Transport Links in North London 

North London boasts a comprehensive and efficient public transport network that ensures seamless connectivity to the rest of the city and beyond. The area is well-served by the London Underground, with multiple stations spread across various zones. Notable among these are King’s Cross St Pancras, Euston, and Angel in Islington. These stations deliver direct lines to a multitude of London boroughs and key commercial areas, making commuting easy and convenient for employees traveling from different parts of the city to their office space in North London.

Moreover, North London's proximity to Stansted Airport is an added advantage, particularly for businesses with international dealings. Stansted, being one of London's major airports, provides a gateway to numerous global destinations, making international travel for business meetings and conferences remarkably easy. The airport is easily accessible via a direct train from Tottenham Hale station, meaning you could be checking in for your flight in under an hour from leaving your office in North London. This impressive connectivity adds to the appeal of North London as a strategic location for securing office space.

How to Find Serviced Office Space in North London 

When embarking on the search for office space in North London, it's crucial to find a space that aligns with your brand and company culture. This goes beyond just the aesthetics and layout of the office. Reflect on how the office environment and location reflect your brand's personality and ethos, and if it fosters a work environment that's conducive to your team's productivity and happiness. Can you envision your brand thriving in this space? Is the office environment conducive to the type of work culture you wish to promote? Answers to these questions will guide you in finding an office space that's a perfect fit for your business.

Moreover, practical considerations like budget, facilities, and client impressions should not be overlooked. An office space that exceeds your budget can lead to unnecessary financial stress, so it's vital to seek spaces that provide value for money. Additionally, access to essential amenities such as meeting rooms, kitchen facilities, and high-speed internet are key factors to consider. Finally, remember that your office is also a statement to your clients—it's a physical embodiment of your brand. Therefore, the space should be impressive and inviting, creating a positive and lasting impression on everyone who walks through the doors.

How Tally Workspace can Help you Find Office Space in North London 

Our team of office experts at Tally Workspace can help you along every stage of your office space search. With our comprehensive understanding of the demands of diverse businesses, we can efficiently streamline the process of finding and securing a workspace that aligns with your company's needs and culture. Our expertise not only simplifies your search but also ensures the selection of an office space that facilitates productivity, fits within your budget and resonates with your brand's identity. Kick off your search by letting us know your requirements for your new office space here