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Clarendon House coworking space

Clarendon House

Oxford Oxford

0.1 miles away from

Desk Meeting room

Desks from £46.00/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 8 people

Belsyre Court coworking space

Belsyre Court

Oxford Oxford

0.7 miles away from

Desk Meeting room

Desks from £34.50/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 8 people

Citibase Oxford coworking space

Citibase Oxford

Oxford Rail Station Oxford Rail Station

1.3 miles away from

Desk Meeting room

Desks from £23.00/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 10 people

Prama House coworking space

Prama House

1.9 miles away from

Desk Meeting room

Desks from £34.50/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 10 people

The Quad Summertown coworking space

The Quad Summertown

2.1 miles away from

Desk Meeting room

Desks from £28.75/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 10 people

Sandford Gate coworking space

Sandford Gate

2.7 miles away from

Desk Meeting room

Desks from £34.50/day +VAT

Capacity for up to 16 people

Coworking in Oxford 

If you're seeking a vibrant, collaborative workspace, coworking in Oxford might be the perfect solution. These shared workspaces offer a plethora of amenities, including high-speed internet, communal lounges, and often, unlimited coffee — all in a professional environment that fosters innovation and creativity. In Oxford, coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular because they provide a cost-effective alternative for freelancers, startups, and businesses of all sizes. Hot desks in Oxford are a particularly appealing option, offering the freedom to work in a professional setting as needed, without the commitment of a long-term lease. So if you're looking for a place to work with all the benefits of your own coworking space but none of the hassle, coworking in Oxford is certainly worth considering! 

Why is Oxford a good place to work?

Oxford presents a dynamic and stimulating work environment, further bolstered by its rich history and intellectual legacy. Known globally as the 'city of dreaming spires', Oxford boasts a unique blend of academia, entrepreneurship, and cultural vibrancy, making it an exceptional place to work. The city provides an environment that fosters creativity and innovation, thanks to its renowned universities and a burgeoning tech scene. The local economy is diverse, with thriving sectors in education, publishing, healthcare, and more recently, technology and digital innovation. This diversity of industries provides abundant networking opportunities and the potential for cross-sector collaborations.

Top 2 Coworking Venues in Oxford

The Quad Summertown ranks among the top coworking spaces in Oxford, providing an ideal environment for both individuals and teams. Nestled in the heart of Summertown, this coworking venue offers an appealing mix of professional and friendly atmosphere. The Quad is renowned for its modern, ergonomic design, ensuring a comfortable workspace conducive to productivity. Hot desks in The Quad Summertown are available, providing flexible work arrangements for freelancers, entrepreneurs, or those in need of a temporary workspace. Beyond the workstations, The Quad offers high-speed Wi-Fi, printing facilities, and high-quality coffee and tea - everything you need for a productive day of work. Importantly, it fosters a vibrant community of workers from a diverse range of sectors, offering plenty of opportunities for networking and collaboration. The location in Summertown, a bustling area full of shops, cafes, and recreational amenities, adds another layer of convenience. With its blend of top-quality facilities, community vibe, and strategic location, The Quad Summertown stands as a prime choice for coworking in Oxford.

Citibase Oxford is another premier destination for coworking in Oxford, offering a professional and supportive environment tailored to the needs of modern businesses. Located in the heart of Oxford, Citibase provides hot desks and private offices that cater to the needs of freelancers, start-ups, and established businesses alike. The coworking space is equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, printing services, and offers unlimited coffee and tea to keep you fuelled throughout the day. One of the unique features of Citibase Oxford is its focus on providing flexible, hassle-free services. Alongside these practical amenities, Citibase also excels in fostering a community spirit. Regular networking events provide opportunities for members to interact, exchange ideas, and potentially forge beneficial partnerships. With its central location, Citibase Oxford is easily accessible by both public and private transport, making it a top choice for those seeking a convenient and efficient coworking space in Oxford.

Best hot desk in Oxford for Coworking
When it comes to flexible working in Oxford, the hot desks at The Quad Summertown lead the pack. These workstations are designed to ensure optimal productivity for freelancers, entrepreneurs, or anyone who values flexibility and does not require a permanent desk. The hot desks at The Quad are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and offer all the amenities you might need for a full day's work. This includes high-speed Wi-Fi for seamless online work and video conferencing, plus access to printing services for any essential documents. Of course, a day at The Quad Summertown wouldn't be complete without a cup of their high-quality coffee or tea, available to all hot desk users. More than just a place to work, these hot desks also provide a ticket into The Quad's thriving community. Here, it's easy to network and collaborate with professionals from various sectors. The Quad Summertown hot desks are undoubtedly a first-rate choice for those seeking a flexible coworking option in Oxford.

How much does a hot desk cost in Oxford?

The cost of hot desks in Oxford varies depending on the coworking space and the amenities on offer. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from £25 to £30 per day for a hot desk in Oxford. It's important to note that these costs usually include access to facilities such as Wi-Fi, printing services, kitchen facilities and often, coffee and tea. Some coworking venues may also offer additional perks as part of the membership, such as use of meeting rooms, access to networking events, and discount deals with local businesses. 

How much does a meeting room cost in Oxford?

Hiring a meeting room in Oxford can vary significantly based on the size of the room, the duration of the meeting, and the range of amenities provided by the coworking space. Generally, the cost may range from £20 to £50 per hour. Some coworking spaces offer discounts for half-day or full-day bookings, while others may include meeting room usage in their membership packages. Usually, the cost of a meeting room includes amenities such as Wi-Fi, AV equipment, and access to a kitchen or catering services. 

Transport Links in Oxford

Oxford's transportation network is another asset that makes coworking in Oxford a convenient choice. The city is well connected by road and rail, with fast and frequent services to London and other major UK cities. Oxford's bus network is extensive, reliably serving both the city center and outlying areas. For cyclists, Oxford is a paradise with dedicated cycling lanes and bike-friendly policies promoting safe and efficient commuting. If you are looking to travel further afield for business or pleasure, London Heathrow, the UK's largest international airport, is just an hour's drive away. With such robust transport links, Oxford coworking spaces are not just easily accessible, but also offer easy connections to clients, colleagues, and resources nationwide.

Top 5 Bars for After-Work Drinks in Oxford

1) The Turf Tavern: Tucked away in a charming alley, The Turf Tavern is an historic pub with a unique Oxford character. With its extensive selection of local ales and international brews, it's the perfect place to relax after a day of coworking in Oxford.

2) Freud: Housed in a converted church, Freud offers a chic atmosphere for after-work drinks. Known for its cocktail menu, this bar is a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

3) The Old Bookbinders Ale House: A cosy and traditional pub, The Old Bookbinders offers an authentic British pub experience with its wide selection of beers and comforting pub grub. 

4) The Varsity Club: Boasting an incredible rooftop view of the city, The Varsity Club is a stylish venue to enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail. It offers a unique blend of sophistication and relaxation - ideal for unwinding after a productive day at your Oxford coworking space.

5) Raoul's Bar & Liquor Store: Renowned for its artisan cocktails, Raoul's is a staple in the Oxford bar scene. Whether you're looking to celebrate a successful meeting or just relax with colleagues, Raoul's provides a stylish and friendly environment.

Top Work Lunch Spots in Oxford

1) The Handle Bar Café and Kitchen: Located in the heart of Oxford, The Handle Bar Café and Kitchen is a popular spot for a quick, healthy lunch. Known for its fresh and locally sourced produce, you can enjoy a range of dishes from wholesome salads to hearty sandwiches.

2) Edamame: If you’re in the mood for some authentic Japanese cuisine, Edamame is the place to go. Their sushi and bento boxes, available only at lunchtime, are a hit among the work crowd.

3) The Missing Bean: A charming independent café, The Missing Bean is perfect for those in need of a caffeine fix alongside delicious homemade food. The lunch menu changes weekly, making every visit a unique culinary experience.

4) Pieminister: For a hearty British lunch, look no further than Pieminister. Known for their award-winning pies, this spot is ideal for a work lunch, especially when the weather calls for comfort food. 

From quick bites to sit-down meals, these lunch spots in Oxford offer a variety of choices for every palate, making your Oxford coworking experience even more enjoyable.

In conclusion, coworking in Oxford presents an environment that fosters collaboration, productivity, and networking. The city's coworking venues, such as The Quad Summertown and Citibase Oxford, are not only equipped with top-tier facilities and services, but they also create a community that encourages interaction and cooperation among workers from diverse sectors. Beyond the workday, Oxford ensures a fulfilling work-life balance with its vibrant nightlife, unique recreational activities, and rich cultural offerings. Indeed, coworking in Oxford is more than just about finding a workspace - it's about being part of a dynamic community in a city that blends historic charm with contemporary appeal.