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ARC Space coworking space

ARC Space

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Desk Meeting room

Capacity for up to 12 people

Works Social coworking space

Works Social

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Desk Meeting room

Capacity for up to 22 people

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Coworking in Nottingham 

Coworking in Nottingham offers a vibrant and flexible workspace solution for freelancers, startups, and established enterprises alike. These purpose-built environments foster collaboration, innovation, and productivity, catering to various professional needs with hot desks and meeting rooms readily available. Nottingham coworking spaces are strategically located in key business areas, offering easy access to transportation, dining, and leisure facilities. From modern open-plan offices to more private areas for focused work, coworking in Nottingham provides an ideal platform to network, share ideas, and grow your business.

Why choose Nottingham for Coworking?

Choosing Nottingham for coworking presents an array of benefits not only in terms of work environment but also due to the city's rich cultural heritage and thriving business ecosystem. Nottingham houses a diverse community of creative and tech entrepreneurs, making it a hotbed for collaboration and innovation. Moreover, it's centrally located in the UK, which provides easy travel to major cities. The city is also renowned for its impressive blend of historic and modern architecture that injects a unique vibrancy into the workspace. Lastly, Nottingham's coworking spaces are well-known for their comprehensive amenities, including high-speed internet, spacious hot desks, and fully equipped meeting rooms. These factors together make coworking in Nottingham a highly appealing choice for professionals and businesses alike.

Top Coworking venues in Nottingham

Works Social is a unique gem in the realm of coworking in Nottingham. This shared workspace is renowned for its commitment to providing a vibrant and warm environment conducive to creativity and productivity. Works Social understands that a coworking space is more than just hot desks and meeting rooms - it's a community. That's why they have cultivated a supportive and collaborative atmosphere where entrepreneurs, freelancers, and businesses can thrive.

Strategically located, Works Social offers easy access to Nottingham's bustling city life, with an abundance of dining and leisure options nearby. The interiors of the space reflect a blend of contemporary and rustic aesthetics, creating a unique work environment that inspires innovation. Their amenities include high-speed internet, spacious desks, and well-equipped meeting rooms alongside more unique features like a podcast studio. The venue is also known for hosting regular networking events, providing an excellent opportunity for its members to connect, collaborate and grow. All these attributes make Works Social a standout choice for coworking in Nottingham.

Another premier offering in Nottingham's coworking scene is ARC Space. ARC Space is an innovative coworking venue that prides itself on its vibrant and energetic atmosphere, perfect for startups, freelancers, and established businesses. Nestled in the heart of Nottingham, ARC Space provides an optimal location for those seeking easy access to the city's wide array of amenities.

ARC Space is much more than just a provider of hot desks and meeting rooms in Nottingham. It is a dynamic community built around collaboration and creativity where professionals can grow and thrive. The space is designed with an open-floor layout that encourages interaction and fosters a sense of community. Yet, there are also private nooks for those times when focused, solitary work is necessary.

Top-notch amenities include high-speed internet, well-equipped meeting rooms, and stylish, ergonomic furniture for optimal comfort and productivity. A distinguishing feature of ARC Space is its commitment to wellness, manifested in its inclusion of a wellness room where members can take a break and rejuvenate during their busy workday.

In addition to these features, ARC Space regularly hosts workshops, networking events, and social gatherings, providing ample opportunities for members to learn, connect, and grow their professional network. All these elements combined make ARC Space a compelling choice for those seeking coworking in Nottingham.

Best meeting room in Nottingham 
Works Social stands out in Nottingham's coworking scene by offering some of the best meeting rooms available. Their Large Meeting Room, capable of accommodating 22 people, is a harmonious mix of comfort and functionality. It provides ample seating along with dedicated desk areas, creating an ideal environment for brainstorming sessions, client meetings, or team huddles. This space is further equipped with two 50-inch flatscreen TVs and a Sonos speaker, ensuring seamless presentations and discussions. There's also a Magic whiteboard available for visual aid during discussions or brainstorming. Additional perks include access to a shared kitchen. This communal area is stocked with a variety of refreshments including tea, coffee, and snacks, making sure that those long meetings are fueled with refreshed minds. Works Social's commitment to providing a conducive and well-equipped workspace makes it a top choice for professionals seeking hot desks and meeting rooms in Nottingham.

How much is coworking in Nottingham?
The cost of coworking in Nottingham can vary widely depending on several factors such as the location of the coworking space, the specific services and amenities offered, and the type of membership or rental arrangement you choose. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from £20 to £30 per day for a hot desk. Monthly memberships for dedicated desks typically range from £100 to £300, Meeting rooms can usually be rented on an hourly basis, typically costing around £20 to £50 per hour. It is advisable to contact each coworking space directly or visit their websites for more specific pricing information and to understand what is included in the cost.

Navigating Nottingham 
Getting around Nottingham is convenient due to its well-organized public transport systems and walkable city center. Nottingham's public buses, operated by Nottingham City Transport, offer extensive coverage of the city and surrounding areas. Plus, the award-winning Robin Hood Travel Card offers unlimited travel on buses, trams, and trains within Greater Nottingham. Nottingham's tram system, NET (Nottingham Express Transit), provides a fast and efficient way to travel across the city with stops near major coworking spaces.

For those who prefer cycling, Nottingham boasts a comprehensive network of cycle lanes and paths. The city also offers a bike hire scheme, Citycard Cycles, with docking stations dotted around the city. 

Driving in Nottingham is made easier with numerous carparks and park-and-ride facilities. However, it's worth noting that Nottingham operates a Workplace Parking Levy, charging businesses for parking provisions, which some may pass onto users.

Lastly, for those who enjoy walking, Nottingham's compact city center is easily navigable on foot, with several coworking spaces within walking distance of shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. So whether you're commuting to your hot desk or heading to a meeting room booking, Nottingham offers a variety of transport options to suit every preference.

Best Bars for After-Work drinks in Nottingham 

As you wrap up your day at your chosen coworking space in Nottingham, you might be interested in exploring some of the city's finest bars for after-work drinks. Here are five top recommendations:

  1. Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem - Known as one of the oldest inns in England, this bar offers a historical ambience combined with a range of local ales and traditional pub food, making it an intriguing stop for your post-work relaxation.
  2. Hockley Arts Club - A hidden gem in the heart of Nottingham, Hockley Arts Club offers a unique atmosphere featuring art installations and eclectic furniture. The bar serves up classic cocktails as well as innovative and adventurous concoctions.
  3. Copper City - A modern and chic bar, Copper City is known for its extensive beer, wine, and spirits menu, along with friendly service. It's a great spot for a casual, comfortable evening after a productive day.

Navigating around Nottingham is easy thanks to its robust public transport system, so getting to these bars from your hot desk should be a breeze. 

In conclusion, coworking in Nottingham offers an array of options, each with unique features, services, and pricing structures to cater to different professional needs. Whether you're looking for a hot desk for a day, a meeting room for brainstorming sessions, or a dedicated office space, Nottingham's vibrant coworking scene has got you covered. The city's excellent transport links and lively social scene further enhance the experience, making it a compelling choice for professionals and teams alike. No matter your work style or business needs, you're bound to find a coworking solution in Nottingham that aligns with your goals