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Finding the perfect office space can be time-consuming and confusing. Let us help you find the perfect office for you and your team.

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Tally Workspace exhausted the market for all the available options and found us just what we were looking for within weeks. They were a breath of fresh air - extremely knowledgeable and helpful - they were even able to help us with design and fit-out. They were very proactive, helping us at every stage, like an extension of our own team.


Tally provided us with a summary of their recommended offices, along with videos and photos of the different spaces, which met our specifications around location, size, budget and other benefits. Tally sorted all the commercials and made sure we got a competitive price. Going with Tally Workspace made the process of finding an office space fast and easy!

Here's some extra help...


Why use Tally Workspace?
Finding a new office is complicated and time-consuming. Tally Workspace can do it for you. We’ll help you at every stage of the journey, from working out your requirements to negotiating on your behalf to get the best price and deal possible.
We draw on our experience working with some of the most exciting companies around (Heap, Sifted, FIXR and Knoma to name a few) to help find a new home for you and your team.
Our vast network and established relationships with all the top office providers mean we’ll be able to provide you with a complete market review, plus all the extra hidden gems you’d never have known about before!
How long does the process of securing an office take?
This can vary significantly depending on a few factors.
For fully serviced plug-and-play style offices, the process can be as quick as you want it to be. You could technically go through the whole process in less than a week. However, we do advise starting your search 1-2 months before your preferred move-in date. That way you can weigh up all the options available to you.
If you’re searching for something a bit more bespoke, like a self-contained space branded and designed to suit you then we would suggest at least 3-4 months for your search. In these instances, there are likely to be more complex legal arrangements and you also need to factor in time for fit-outs (furniture lead times are very long at the moment).
We will always be there to make sure you are clear on the timelines and ensure that any admin is taken care of for you.
What does Tally Workspace charge?
Nothing. Our service is completely free. Why? We get paid by the office providers instead. If you’re asking yourself, does this mean I could get a better deal if you go direct? Short answer, no. Long answer, we work really hard for you to make sure the process is significantly quicker, easier and more transparent than if you attempted to go direct. Our business is built on repeat custom from our lovely clients so why not see for yourself?
Which office providers does Tally Workspace work with?
We cover the whole market and have established relationships with all of the top managed office providers such as The Office Group, WeWork, Work.Life, Huckletree and Kitt. Plus amazing independent local spaces. We provide you with a full market review alongside our suggestions for the most suitable spaces based on your requirements.
In which locations does Tally Workspace source offices?
We predominantly cover the mainland UK but also have established networks in other global cities.