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Not only are they very knowledgable about the market, but they are lovely people to deal with. We are so happy with our final choice!

Daisy Meakin

COO, Finance Unlocked

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Offices to rent in Victoria

Victoria is a vibrant and bustling area of London, is a prime location to rent office space. Its strategic positioning, easy accessibility, and the charm of its surroundings make it a coveted spot for businesses of all sizes and industries

Office space in Victoria offers the advantage of being in the heart of the city, granting your team easy access to a multitude of amenities, from top-notch dining and retail options to excellent transport links. Choosing office space in Victoria means you are situating your business in a community that combines the rich history of London with the dynamism of the modern corporate world.

Transport Links for your Victoria office

Renting office space in Victoria ensures your team will enjoy exceptional connectivity as a result of being situated in a major transport hub in London.

Victoria Station

Victoria Station is one of Central London's busiest and most important transport hubs, providing access to national rail services operated by Southern Railway and Southeastern:
  • Southern Railway: Offers services to destinations including Brighton, Gatwick Airport, and Eastbourne.
  • Southeastern: Provides connections to Kent, including Canterbury, Dover, and Ramsgate.

London Underground

Victoria is served by its own London Underground station, providing access to the District, Circle, and Victoria lines:
  • District and Circle lines: Provide direct connections to key destinations such as Westminster, South Kensington, and Tower Hill.
  • Victoria line: Provides fast links to major transport hubs including King's Cross St Pancras, Euston, and Oxford Circus.

Victoria Coach Station

Victoria Coach Station is the largest coach station in London, offering national and international coach services:
  • National Express: Operates long-distance coach services connecting Victoria to destinations across the UK, including Birmingham, Manchester, and Glasgow.
  • Megabus: Provides budget-friendly coach services to cities such as Bristol, Cardiff, and Southampton.

Bus Services

Victoria is well-served by numerous bus routes, providing comprehensive coverage within central London and beyond:
  • TFL buses operate frequent services to key areas including Westminster, Oxford Street, and Camden.
  • Night bus services ensure 24-hour connectivity for residents and visitors travelling at night.

Browse the Latest Victoria Office Space

Discover the latest office space to rent in Victoria. Whether you’re a fresh startup or an enterprise searching for a flagship headquarters - Tally Workspace can help you find Victoria office space at no cost to you.

What Type of Office Space is Best for My Business?

If you're looking for office space in Victoria, the first step is determining which type of office space is the best fit for your business. If you would like to have a longer-term contract in a managed or leased office, this would allow you to have control over your office interior and give you the freedom to decorate and arrange the office in a way that reflects your brand and culture.

If you don't need control over the fit-out and would rather have a short-term contract, you would likely be better suited to a serviced office space in Victoria. Most of our clients, in particular start-ups and scale-ups, tend to choose serviced office space on account of the ease and flexible contracts they provide.

Serviced Office Space in Victoria

Serviced office space to rent in Victoria is a brilliant option that would allow your business to benefit from Victoria's prestigious location without long-term commitments. In serviced offices, all of the typical office expenses including rent, utilities and amenities are organised by the office provider and are covered in a singular monthly payment. This simplifies your financial planning and allows your team to spend more time on the tasks that matter, and less time on office admin.

Serviced offices in Victoria are environments that are designed to promote comfort, collaboration and productivity. These office spaces have high-speed internet, ergonomic desk chairs and relaxed furniture for casual meetings, as well as communal breakout areas to work from if you need a change of scenery. If you're searching for office space to rent that also provides a strong sense of community, serviced offices in Victoria host regular social and networking events for their tenants, providing your employees with opportunities to learn and make connections outside of their everyday contacts. In addition to this, these office spaces provide around-the-clock access and have dedicated reception and cleaning services.

Private Offices in Victoria

Tally Workspace is one of the largest brokers of office space in the UK. Our team has comprehensive access to all Victoria offices, including serviced offices, managed offices and leased offices. When finding an office with Tally Workspace, you can rest assured that the entire market is searched to find a personalised solution for your team.

Questions to consider when finding office space in Victoria

Whether you are interested in one of Victoria's serviced offices or perhaps a more traditional office space, it's important to consider the following questions to help you narrow down your office search.

How many desks do you need in your office?

Whilst this may seem like a simple question, it's perhaps the most imperative to get right. Office spaces in Victoria cater to all different sizes, meaning you can be specific with the number of desks you require. If you're mainly interested in a serviced office space in Victoria, you should account for any short-term growth plans you may have, as it would be an inconvenience for your business to move out of your office space shortly after moving in, but, if your team grows throughout your contract length, the provider will typically accommodate you in a larger private office should it be needed.

With a managed or leased office, it's important to get this decision correct given your contract length will typically be longer, and the office will be comprised of all your own furniture, meaning moving space is a larger task. Factor in your employee growth throughout the term of your contract to ensure you can accommodate new employees in your office space.

How many meeting rooms would you require in your office?

Serviced offices offer communal meeting rooms, typically reserved through a credit system. If you know how often you will need to use private meeting rooms, we can help determine if you would be better suited to a serviced office with its own meeting room or by booking communal meeting rooms on an ad-hoc basis. If you are searching for traditional office space in Victoria, determine how many meeting rooms you would need and narrow your search for offices that provide this, alternatively, speak with the provider about your requirements as it may be possible to build new rooms in certain private offices. If you find your Victoria office with Tally Workspace, we can shortlist offices which meet your bespoke requirements.

Which amenities would take your Victoria office to the next level?

Consider the aspects that will make your investment into an office have a tangible impact on the productivity and happiness of your employees.
If you want to rent office space that your team loves attending, ask them which amenities would help create an ideal office space. Office spaces in Victoria provide an array of different amenities - knowing which are the most important for your team can narrow your search down and speed up the process. Examples of popular amenities include access to a gym, barista-made coffee, natural light or perhaps outdoor space.